Best Modern Warfare Fan Film Continues Briefly But Beautifully

The gang at Corridor Digital, creators of great video game inspired shorts like Video Game Cheats In Real Life and The Last Minecart, continue their dazzling Modern Warfare fan-film "Frozen Crossing" with a muzzle flash-filled frozen moment.

Bullets and blood fly in this latest homage to the modern day Call of Duty, a video tribute that's certainly not the last. See Corridor Digital's other low-budget, high-production value Modern Warfare films in parts one and two if you missed them previously.

Modern Warfare: Frozen Crossing Alpha [YouTube]


    This is pretty damn awesome!

    it was actually showing you online gameplay, as you can see the lag is so bad, you dont even move :P

    But it was very nice and suprising to hear its only a low budget film

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