Bioshock As A Point And Click Flash Game?

This is quite impressive. 1up has commissioned a point and click adventure style game based in the Bioshock universe, and it actually plays pretty well.

It's unofficial, but has been written about on the Irrational Games website - so they don't seem to mind so much. Apparently it's a test by 1up to see if creating their own flash games based on popular IPs is a sustainable concept.

We actually really enjoyed it - it's short, but the writing is sharp and the production value are high. Well worth checking out.

You can play it by clicking here

BioShock: The Unofficial Flash Game [Irrational Games]


    That was a welcome 5 minutes of reminiscence about the good ol' days of gaming. I miss point 'n' clicks.

    Considering how short that was, I was surprised to find that extremely enjoyable! Quite an amusing little scene!

    i would gladly pay money for some more of that

    How the heck do you beat this!?


    That was great. I'd consider handing over money for something like this.

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