Bioware Says Player Ban From Dragon Age II Is A ‘Glitch’

Bioware Says Player Ban From Dragon Age II Is A ‘Glitch’

One Dragon Age II player recently found himself unable to play the game he’d purchased from EA for an unusual reason. He’d called publisher Electronic Arts “the devil” on the game’s official forum, leading to a ban from that message board and his copy of Dragon Age II. BioWare says that was an “error”.

Responding to criticism from players that a 72-hour ban from the BioWare social network also restricted that player from registering and playing his copy of Dragon Age II, BioWare reps offered the following explanation.

“EA strictly enforces the code of conduct at,” writes Chris Priestly, community manager for Dragon Age at BioWare. “If a player violates the rules by using profanity, they will be temporarily banned. Unfortunately, there was an error in the system that accidentally suspended a user’s entire account. Immediately upon learning of the glitch, EA restored the user’s macro account and apologised for the inconvenience.”

BioWare forum mods had previously chalked up the ban due to another member of the board reporting the offending post. According to the original complaint from user “v_ware,” his EA user account was suspended for three days for allegedly saying “Have you sold your souls to the EA devil?” Not quite profanity, making this situation potentially stickier.


  • It isn’t a glitch. I’m pretty sure there is no such “glitch” where your game was disabled for 3 days.

  • One thing that wasn’t mentioned is that he wasn’t banned for the ‘Sold their soul to the EA Devils’, he was banned for profanity on another post.

    • Profanity on another post? Not at all. The mod stated that it was the EA=devils post which got him banned. The subsequent blaming on a “glitch” is laughable and pathetic.

  • If this is truly the case, then why did Stanley Woo refer to the point 9 of the ToS (the one where they reserve the right to disable the user’s game account for whatever reason) when he replied to the original complaint thread?
    This just proves that the game account ban was clearly intentional and no ‘glitch’.

    EA/BW clearly made a mistake, and it’s very disappointing to see them try to pull a cop out like this.

  • Their interpretation of their own rules sounds draconian, if not outright hypocritical.

    EA have never really had any idea how to interact with or support a community, have they?

    • No, it sounds like there was glitch which EA rectified. If they knowingly banned him they would have expected bad press, how could there not be any bad press over a wrongful banning from a singleplayer game?

      You’re also misunderstanding the reason for the ban — it wasn’t because EA had ‘hurt feelings’, it was because people had marked the post as offensive.

      • If it was a glitch, how do you account for the initial response from Bioware?

        “Because the BioWare community now operates under the same umbrella as all EA Communities, community members here have all explicitly agreed to abide by and be governed by both sets of rules. Consider it an added incentive to follow the rules you say you’re going to follow.” – Stanley Woo, Bioware.

        It’s a U-turn, due to bad publicity, pure and simple.

  • Wasn’t aware saying something as harmless as that is profanity
    I guess unless your spewing rainbows about their games, its considered offensive

  • I call bullshit (please no bans plz).

    I saw the first response when the guy complained, basically what they said they he got a EA temp ban which is different to a bioware ban in that it screws you pretty hard by not letting you on the servers. So, no activations.

    Step down Activision, the true lord of the sith have returned.

  • Simplest explanation is it was a mistake and all involved, especialy the Bioware mod, went straight into CYA mode thinking it was legit.

    Worrying thing is that none involved twigged that a full-account ban had to be a mistake. Does that mean they do a lot of these?

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