British Teacher Finks On 600 Kids Over Late-Night Gaming

In what sounds like the opening to a Dr Seuss book, parents of all 600 children in Mr Gribble's school got a fearful note saying their kids report to class sleepy and distracted, because they're up as late as 4am playing video games.

Mr Gribble, who teaches primary school in Devon, in the UK, sent the emergency communiqué after questioning his class of 10-year-old and 11-year-olds as to why they couldn't pay attention.

"The Year Six teacher found that some had spent four or five hours on their games consoles the night before," says the BBC, which either has a reporter in sixth grade or was leaked a copy of the memo.

"He said parents seemed unaware how much time pupils were spending gaming," the Beeb wrote.

Three out of four kids said they used some kind of games console every evening, some saying they didn't go to sleep until 0400 GMT. Big deal. That's 11pm EST.

"We're not trying to be killjoys and get everything banned but like many things in life it's about striking a balance," said the teacher with a purely Dickensian killjoy name like Gribble.

Devon teacher writes to 600 parents over computer games [BBC]


    If I was a parent and I received this note, I'd tell him where to shove it. Noone tells me how to raise my child, especially with the shortcomings of so many teachers and schools these days.

      Way to overreact? He's trying to ensure that parents are AWARE of their kid's activities. If someone told you that your kid admitted in school he was sneaking around and staying up hours after you sent him/her to bed, wouldn't yo want to know and to be able to do something about it?

      He's encouraging responsible, active parenting :/ lest another generations of chavs who paid no attention in school are bred, and another generation of parents blaming video games for all of their scummy kid's ills because they never knew or did anything about their out of control habits.

      So wait... Are you saying you would actually rebuke an obviously concerned teacher who is actively attempting to help you help your child achieve the best level of education?

      You sound like a model parent.



          Truth in Trolling.

      So let me get this right, you'd say: "Shove it Mr.Responsible, I will allow my 11yr old kid to stay up to 4am and play Pokemon Rainbow all night long, screw you and your Nazi Educationist ways, my kids don't need to learn how to read and maths is for calculators"


      You're god-damn right he tells you how to raise your child, because you're probably raising it to be one of those asshole kids who has zero attention span in class and disrupts everyone else because, instead of being a parent and setting rules and boundaries, you let them do whatever they want, meaning they have no respect for authority figures or their peers. Some responsibility has to fall on the people in charge of the home environment too. It's upwards of twenty kids we have to deal with at once, five days a week. It isn't an easy job, and it's made all the more harder by dopes like you. So pull your head in, get your kid to bed on time, and work WITH the teacher instead of getting a thorn in your balls when they suggest that, just maybe, it isn't a great idea to let them stay up until all hours playing games on a school night.

      Do you even have kids?!

        I guess I'll reply to this one rather than each individually.

        No I don't have kids, I'm going with the hypothetical that if I did, I would know if my kids were up until 4am playing games.

        Odds are only one or two children actually stayed up that late, most of them no doubt did play some games but still went to bed at a reasonable hour. The teacher is blaming games for making the kids unattentive in school but doesn't think that maybe this is just the way kids are, or that the content of the teaching is a bigger factor.

        The comment that "Three out of four kids said they used some kind of games console every evening" is solely there to scapegoat games, yet another example of them being blamed for all that is wrong. This 'emergency communiqué' is sensationalised and fear mongering, and I have no respect for anyone that uses these tactics.

        Understand that I'm not excusing kids for playing for 5 or 6 hours until 4 am, clearly this shouldn't be the case. What I am saying is that I find it offensive for a teacher to think they can tell me this. I know what is best for my child, and even though this is blatantly obvious and I agree with the sentiment, the very fact that the teacher feels the need to inform ALL parents of this proves that they think little to nothing of your parenting.

        Why the teacher couldn't just send it to the parents that are allowing this behaviour, I don't know.

    Good on this teacher. He's not phoning it in like so many teachers do - he clearly wants to get through to his students.

    Glad most of the comments here back him up too, that - gasp - even gamers can be responsible parents.

    As for the article, I sincerely hope that either a) the last bit is tongue-in-cheek and that Mr Good doesn't actually think this teacher is a Dickensian killjoy; or b) Mr Good has no kids.

    I think 5 people have been trolled :S.

    Seriously any decent parent would know what their kids are up to, especially while at home.

    The real issue is why the parents let kids have the equipment in their rooms or are simply allowing them to play in the living room etc until 4AM.

    Forget the teacher part.

    Young kids such as primiary school will also conform. So one publicly answers the teacher and says they stay up late playing games, then the next in line kids follow suit. Skewed results.

    End of the line parents should be on the ball, have the gaming equipment in a shared room and be diligent with their kids activities.

      'have the gaming equipment in a shared room'

      I still keep all my gaming stuff in 'shared' room (certainly out of the bedroom). The temptation would be too great otherwise.

      On occasion when I was younger after getting a new game I'd sneak out to the lounge room after my parents have gone to bed and play for a while with the sound muted. I know if they knew they would have taken the console to their bedroom when they went.

    There was a similar (probably the same source) article in the Metro yesterday here in the UK, giving a few stats. If I remember correctly, 35% of kids here in the UK (so it said) play games before going to school.

    WTF happened to the old fashioned paper round? I'd be up at 6:40, out of the house by 6:55, at the paper shop for 7:00, finish my round for 7:40, be ready for school at 8:00 and cycle to school at 8:15 to be there by 8:30.

    To be honest, if this guy wants to send a note to all parents advising them about their kids habits towards video games then more power to him. I know that I played too often as a kid and I played nowhere near as much as the article says.

      Well aren't you a fancy man. Some of us couldn't afford jobs.

      Also: "Three out of four kids said they used some kind of games console every evening, some saying they didn’t go to sleep until 0400 GMT. Big deal. That’s 11pm EST." - Owen is such a troll.


    ^ troll line, trolls trolling trolls and idiots.

    I did that in High-school and I totally know what he means.

    Sleep deprivation is self torture.

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