But How Many 3DS Game Cartridges Fit In A 3DS Game Box?

In the midst of more serious experimentation with the Nintendo 3DS, I've been wondering how many 3DS game cartridges I could fit into the slim 3DS game boxes. I wondered this because I've long used a DS game box to transport a fistful of DS games any time I travel with Nintendo's portable machine.

Were these slimmer 3DS boxes going to be eligible for miniature game suitcase duty?

Witness my experiment in the video above. For those who want the chase cut to, I could fit all nine of my 3DS cartridges, plus a pack of Augmented Reality cards, into one 3DS game box. I believe I could fit as many as 13 games, if there were 13 games worth fitting in there (there aren't).

Use this information wisely, fellow travellers.


    If Nintendo would stop it's war against flash carts, then we wouldn't *have* to carry a damn fistful of cartridges everywhere.

      Lol, are you saying nintendo should surrender to piracy:P?

    Thats actually quite a good idea!
    Cheers! My 3ds will be taken with me to work, so very handy indeed!

    I already had a case for the system and games arrive earlier in the week. Pity the 3DS doesn't ship until next week! GAH!

    I see two solutions here:

    Stuff your AR cards into your wallet, or put em on your iPhone.

    Also places like Australia don't have multilingual instruction booklets.

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