Call Of Duty's Cover Competition Has 32 Candidates

Never one to let Electronic Arts steal a march on it, Activision will be holding a vote for its flagship franchise, allowing fans to select who (or what) will appear on the cover of the next Call of Duty game.

You can place your vote in the comments section below. The safe money is on "US ARMY GUY (BACKLIT)", but as with Madden, the novelty of having some fans appear on the cover could prove to be a dark horse...

(Confused? See here for reference)


    Fruity Rudy FTW

    Wait, I'll going to assume that this isn't official from Activision.

    It would be amazing to think if it was that they would actually use Vince & Jason names given the legal dramas they are having.

    Though if it is official, poking fun is one thing, mentioning "Asshole XBOX Live Players" is certainly not a great moment of theirs.

    The HYNEMAN!! :P

    Nathan Fillion :D

    Don't bother making another CoD at all. Either come up with something new that's actually playable or send the devs home...

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