Can Serena Williams' Arse Interest You In Some Top Spin 4?

Before we go any further, we're going to wager that, due to the jiggling booty on display, the repeated grunts of satisfaction, the dripping bodily fluids and the attire inappropriate for most tennis courts, that this ad for Top Spin 4 could be categorised as NSFW.

It could also be argued that this commercial, featuring Serena Williams ("the world's sexiest tennis player") and Rileah Vanderbilt ("the world's sexiest tennis gamer") is pushing the boundaries of good taste for a video game about professional tennis. But maybe this is what it takes to get people to notice 2K Sports' latest Top Spin game, a title that's not known for its titillation, sweaty cleavage and spurts of flame.

Though it may be informative. Did you know that Top Spin 4 has PlayStation Move support? And that we've apparently crowned the world's sexiest tennis gamer at some point?


    Why won't video play?

    Video is private. There's a working one here:

      This one's been "Removed by the user".

    Won't play for me either, says it is private.

    "This video is private"

    Just HOW NSFW are we talking here?

    Link's down

    Serena Williams...the "world's sexiest tennis player"? I think not.

    Couldn't they afford Sharapova or any of the eastern european female tennis players like Daniela Hantuchova? Ya know, a female tennis player that actually looks like a woman.

    Here you are.

    Wait a second! When did Tranformers: The Dark of the Moon wrap?

    I had to drop by and say, I do not find her all.

    She's the worlds sexiest tennis player?

    McWhertor, seek help man...

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