Casey The Bully-Breaking 'Zangief Kid' Gets Street Fighter Remix

You may recall Casey Heynes, the chunky kid who was tired of being bullied and became an icon. Now he's immortalised - overmortalised? - in this video that mixes back in all the sound and visual effects we all heard in our mind when we first watched Casey piledrive his bully into the schoolyard concrete. [via Calm Down Tom]


    Fkn brilliant

    Whoever put this together deserves a fucking pile driver themselves. Only a weak loss of life could take the piss out of something so fucked. Love your name and number so I can come round and take the piss out of you literally!

      Your name and the content of your post suggests you're no better than the bully.

      Welcome to the internet. You seem to be new here.

      @ GoingtoHurtYou go cry to your mummy. Anytime fool. If only I knew your details I would come around and whip your sorry ar$e.

      Tough boy behind the keyboard !!

        Good job Nathan, show us that you're an internet tough guy as well.

          all I saw was justice, nothing wrong. But yes, whoever was filming was doing so for the wrong reasons. They should be slammed too

      Wait...Ur gonna suck the piss out of somebody?

    ahahhaha awesome, that school has copped a fair amount because of that video

    I'll bet the kid has second thoughts about bullying the big bloke again.He bit off more than he could chew and got what he deserved.

    WTF is wrong with Kotaku US editors. How is this even remotely ok to propagate at all, let alone on a gaming website? Keep it on your goddamn Facebook feeds.

    LMFAO, that is awesome. It's about time somebody did this.

    Seriously this pisses me off. If I get in my car and film myself running people over and smashing through buildings, but overlay the GTA 4 interface, will you post it as a humour piece? Seriously. Grow the fuck up.

      You murdering people in your car is not even remotely the same as a bullied kid defending himself.

      I was in his position when I was in school, but I didn't fight back and I wish I did. It does very bad things to a kid's self-esteem which will stay with them for the rest of their life. Teachers could do nothing about it, and most of the time didn't even try.

      I for one, am happy to see that little bully get his just deserts. Good on Casey for finally sticking up for himself and his rights.

        I couldn't agree with you more madDogMike, that little brat got what he deserved.The teachers that suspended Casey need to live in the real world. My son was in a similar situation and had two teeth knocked out.So I wish my son had of done what Casey did. Outstanding slam Casey

          Sorry but this just isn't acceptable.

          Let me be clear, the little kid is absolutely in the wrong, he's clearly a bully, clearly deserves to be punished. But we can't condone the violence the bigger kid dishes out either. "Two wrongs don't make a right." I can't get out of my car and bash someone if they rear end me, or cut me off or are a 'bully' on the roads or in any other arena. The little kid could have been paralyzed or killed with a move like that, which I'm sorry, he does not deserve.

          Secondly, whether its right or wrong, its really offensive to me to see it turned into a comedy video and put up on a public videogame magazine/blog. Are we deliberately trying to associate our hobby with violence in schools? I thought we were trying to avoid that. Are we deliberately making what both these kids did into humour, into something we enjoy watching? How is this in any way going to help the situation of bullying and fighting at schools? They're both celebrities now! How can this be seen as anything other than a promotion of violence?

          I was picked on, bullied, and I did lash out one time I remember pretty clearly. I'm not a psychopathic murderer now, and I really hate the idea of fighting. I'm quite conscious that kids are always going to fight, this kind of thing is always going to happen. But we as adults shouldn't be promoting it, or talking about it like its actually funny. We are meant to teach them that this kind of thing is not a good way to live in life. No I don't think either kid should be charged with assault the way adults would be, but just because they're kids doesn't mean they shouldn't learn about consequences of their actions. That's what being a kid is all about.

            ^ TL;DR

            Too bad the smaller kid wasn't hurt more what an oxygen theif!!

            Its rare in this day and age to see justice dealt out as swiftly as Casey did. Awesome

              Surely you see the intrinsic hypocrisy in the belief that we adults must teach children that violence is never the answer when many of us still practice corporal punishment. Yeah yeah "Do as I say, not as I do..." blah blah blah. While I agree with the sentiment that violence is an atrocious thing, that doesn't mean that we should all be spineless wimps. There are times when you've exhausted all diplomatic channels (that includes the authorities)and you have to resort to the proverbial hay maker to get agitators to leave you and yours alone.

              I disagree. The little kid kept pulling the dog's tail and then got bitten, a natural response.
              I think it's a fallacy to promulgate some ideological view that "oh if you get pushed around at school take passive non-retaliatory action blah blah". It's bollicks, sometimes people need to be physically punished because that's the only way they learn. Children don't touch the hot stove again after they've been burned once.

            The Bully isn't going to become a celebrity after that video, he will be shunned from society for a long period of time like he should be for deciding to choose the role of "Typical lad bully" at such a young age.

            We have all heard in the news about the ever increasing trouble with schoolyard bullying and I think what this Bully got was the perfect punishment.

            And if the kid defending himself becomes a hero in the eyes other children subjected to the same situations maybe it will teach them basic things like standing up for oneself Bullying.

            I see your point but I disagree. I don't believe that incidents like this (and the subsequent media exposure) promote extreme violence. If anything, it should prompt teachers and parents (and students) to discuss violence in schools.

            The reality is that this sort of thing happens in many schools, all the time. What angers me is that the bully thought he could get away with such behaviour, and so I feel empathy for Casey when he finally defends hiimself from not just verbal but physical attacks.

            To make the jump between a couple of kids in a school having a (admittedly bad) fight to saying that its equivelant to an adult physically attacking people on the street is quite an extension. The key point for me in this case is that the older boy is defending himself. Running people over in the street would not be.

            And turning this into a 'comical' video demonstrates a few things, most relevant is the sense that it celebrates the victim 'winning' the fight. It also serves to highlight the schism between real violence and the violence that is depicted in video games. While it is graphic and shocking in reality, as a game, that would be nothing. Now isn't that also an important point to talk about, rightly or wrongly?

            My personal view is that the bully clearly had no respect for his victim, and felt that he could behave in such a way without consequence. But living in the real world means anticipating and dealing with the consequences of our actions.

            Smacking a bigger boy in the face leads to some dire consequences. Fact of life.

            I don't condone violence, every measure to solve a situation peacefully before it escalates should be taken. However I absolutely condone defending yourself with violence if the other person starts attacking you first.

            I'm absolutely a non-violent person, I'm quiet and polite. However, looking back on my experiences at school has taught me something about myself, and I've made a conscious decision to not allow myself to be walked over any more. If I get attacked by someone and I'm afraid for my wellbeing, I'm going to do EVERYTHING in my power to make sure that I leave with minimal injuries. If that means inflicting injury on the other guy, so be it, he had it coming when he chose to attack sommeone. It's called survival.

            Heck, maybe if more bullied kids saw this video maybe they could work up the courage to defend themselves too. As for bullies, I hope after watching this they might have second thoughts next time they try to pick on someone. When I watch this video I don't see it glorifying violence at all. What I see is a video teaching a lesson and humiliating a bully, and possibly inspiring a few people who get walked over constantly every day to stick up for themselves.

            Sorry Adam, but your examples aren't even close to accurate.

            If someone rear ends you and you get out and punch them, you're just being violent and aggressive, the incident is over, there's no reason to attack the person, you leave it to legal matters. Aggressive driving is not the same thing as physical assault

            Casey stood there and took the abuse for a bit, then hit back with one move, ended the fight and walked away. There is nothing wrong with responding to violence in this way, it is self defence. Ending the fight protected him from further physical attacks at that time, and he did not push it, if he had kicked or hit the bully after dropping him, then it would be wrong, but he was a man and walked away.

              Really are you guys taking about Casey doing wrong, in the real world if someone attacks you and has been for days, weeks months, you have every right to defend yourself, would you rather Casey hold it in get picked on and one day bring a gun or a knife to school? Come on man... the boy took care of his issue in a percise way, he didnt go postal, he didnt stromp the kid when he was down, he handled himself and walked away... What more did you want him to do... keep getting punched?

            I think you are completely missing the point of the saying "Two wrongs don't make a right". It refers to vengence and not self defense.
            If he got hit, then left and later came back with his friends to deal out some just desserts; then I'd agree with you.
            Also let me stop you from going on the "he should have walked away" argument. Walking away solves nothing and actually provides a form positive reinforcement for bullies. It just feeds their tough guy egos. So, this type of mentality is precisely why there is so much bullying these days. Bullies rarely experience negative consequences for their actions.
            I'll agree that most of the time violence isn't the best response to conflict. Unfortunately, sometimes there is nothing else to resort to.

              +1 on that "walk away statement"

              Honestly anybody who has been bullied to the extent Casey went though and beyond knows the "ignore them and they will go away" tactic is practically painting a target on themselves for further abuse by being "an easy target"

              Also if we are all going grandoise and whatnot w/ the moralistic comparisons then why not try this lil nugget -

              "All thats is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" - Edmund Burke

              Yes violence is NEVER the answer but there will always be a point where one must take a stand and fight back... or forever be under the shadow of a tyrant.

        Good work MadDog.
        Been there too but fought back every time.
        Used to fight for others too when I could.
        Teachers back then encouraged us to sort out ourselves.
        Teachers these days were the kids who watched and did nothing, or sided with the bullies out of fear.

    Ok, I've ALWAYS used casey2 as my name, but now I'm more proud than ever. Been watching this for the last few days. Best remix yet.

    The kid is a hero to every person who suffered at the hands of bullies in school.

    If you can't tank it, don't spank it.

    Seriously, some of you dudes need to lighten up. Its a joke.... A JOKE!!!

    More bleeding hearts eh Adam?

    if there is one thing kids these days need to learn its actions have consequences, we have one of the softest judiciary systems in the world because everyone has a "reason" for doing what they did and gets off lightly.

    this kid thought no worries il bash this quiet kid who is minding his own business.. and then the quiet kid drops him on his a$$! lesson learnt!

    he will probably do it again at some point because clearly he has crap parents that are obviously not teaching him anything but he will think twice before picking on someone bigger than him I'm sure...

    personally i would have preferred that he crippled the bully, would have been a much better example for the rest of these wastes of oxygen.

    oh and one last thing for the "keyboard warriors" Cmon if you were really as badass as you think you are you probably would have been outside today...

    This two wrongs doesn't make a right speech is bothersome. When someone rapes someone else especially a kid you want him dead, or a murderer. People want Iraq/Iran off the side of the planet because of their recent terrorist acts. Two wrongs never make a right but you must draw a line. That kid could been terrorising for months/years and nothing has been done obviously. You tell me if someone is going to rob you or kill you you don't defend yourself? The kid just seeked his justice and now the bully would most likely stop.

    the person who should be more ashamed is the person filming it

    Al Peasland, one of the UK's leading self defence and personal safety experts (based in Milton Keynes) gives his opinion on the Casey Heynes bullying incident

    2 wrongs dont make a right yet 2 negatives equal a positive, go figure

    Well I thought it was bad that Casey hit the lil fulla, but the problem is Bullying is bad in schools so we can't help it that much . But Good on ya Casey for sticking up for yoursel

    I think the young skinny guy was a yank... Aussie Aussie OI OI OI.....

    +1 For Self Defence.

    Im sorry I have not read any posts and I dont intend to, but this is funny as shit and justice was served.
    go young fella and live your life proudly.

    Please make a SPARTA version!

    What is this shit about being ashamed? They're kids, they don't know about being ashamed or about being good people. They do what they think is ok and find things out that way.

    The bullying kid is a dickhead and should be taught otherwise but I don't think you can really get mad at him, he's about 12 years old. I have only got myself straight at 22 and even then I'm not perfect.

    The video is funny, people got hurt, shut up about it. If everything offends you then life has been way too easy on you thus far, get out more.

    Big boy restores balance to the universe.

    That nerd got punished,he deserved it.Well done Casey, and everyone saying its violence is a hypocrit idiot.

    serves that kid right. I bet you he's crying like a little bitch to his parents.

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