China Gets 3D Street Fighter For Arcades

Taiwanese arcade distributor Wahlap Technologies will be releasing in the Chinese market something of a novelty: a Street Fighter IV arcade cabinet that lets you play the game in 3D.

This isn't the existing 3DS version of Super Street Fighter cleaned up and re-released. In fact, it's not Super Street Fighter IV at all. What it appears to be is the PC version of vanilla Street Fighter IV - which is compatible with 3D technology like nVidia's 3D vision setup - stuffed in an arcade cabinet and played with spare change.

It looks as you'd expect it to - a little ghetto - but if kicking public arse in 3D is your thing (and you don't mind looking like a dork) then this might be to your liking! Provided you live in China, that is, since it seems highly unlikely this thing would be released anywhere else.

Street Fighter IV 3D Arcade version? Plus many more games from China [Arcade Heroes]


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