Chinese Movie Caught Stealing Call Of Duty's Art!

Southwest Anti-Bandit Stories is a pretty lacklustre Chinese movie that was attacked for numerous reasons but now, hilariously, it has been completely busted for stealing art for Call of Duty and photoshopping it into its actual movie poster!

This is the poster in question. Take a gander at highlighted section.

Now take a look at this...

As you can clearly see, the poster has part of this Modern Warfare 2 art clumsily photoshopped into the movie poster. Why would they do this? I don't understand!

Anachronisms In Chinese War Films & Television Serial Dramas [China Smack] Thanks to Souri from Tsumea for the tip!


    Clumsy indeed. The dude's face is just floating there.
    Although now I want to watch this movie just to see if they even have a costume anywhere close to this.

    Relcome to Shitty wok...
    Ro No!
    Frucking Mongorians!

      Bahaha south park reference for the win

    haha - "we need a movie poster and we need it in 5mins or you're fired!"

      HAhahaha, a colleague of mine actually said that was the circumstance surrounding the creation of the PlayStation 3 logo text and Spiderman...

    geez..chinese people ripping of something.. whoda thunk it :0

    My wife saw this poster the other day on a site she was looking at (cos she often looks at sites about chinese movies..being chinese it's hardly surprising) but when she saw it, she actually asked me if it was the cover of call of duty :0 I mean.. if a girl who has only seen her husband play it but doesn't play it herself can recognize it, what hope do they have for pulling the wool over the rest of the worlds eyes!

    Guys, take a second look. Infinity Ward obviously stole and painted over that amazing movie poster.


    they probably used gimp

    Me no Rikey !!

      why is it that every time there is an article about china on a primarily western news site there is some idiot that has to bust out this shit.

        Because it is funny and true.

        I just came back from Japan... I have photos of signage that they replace L's with R's. Examples: Bob Marrey (a rasta influenced hairdresser), Expert Onry (on a black diamond ski run), Working Horiday (on a baseball hat).

        I guess it would be like us trying to replicate the chinese/japanese characters. No doubt a misplaced line here or there would give them a giggle

        Geez, Lighten up. I'm onry joking.

        If you think the asian countries don't extract a little urine at the expense of caucasians, westerners, you are truly dreaming.

        If you want to get all deep and meaningful about it, i actually find it a lack of respect towards western society when there is blatant plagiarism like this movie poster or the lack of care when translating english in games, movies, signage, instruction booklets etc.
        So don't get all defensive. No country or culture has a perfect track record when it comes to showing respect.

        P.S. You must really hate South Park.

    Lucky they highlighted the ripped off area. I just couldn't see the resemblance.

    Better quality than Cod already

    I know my way around Photoshop. And I can say that this is really amateurish.

    Unicron - I wanna know how many look at the kanji tats, or anything like that, and think the same kinda thing.

    Idiots getting round with letters of a language they have no actual knowledge of.

    I do love when people mix up funny stereotypes with actual bigotry. I remember when I was in Europe trying to pick up French everyone would delight in telling me how I sounded like the worst kind of shit kicking farmer.

    This poster, is also hilariously funny. Dont think it will do any harm though.

    I don't know why they do it, but it's a tradition with bootleg DVD's there. Check out this link for Battlestar Galactica with added U.S.S. Enterprise, or the Star Wars one with

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