Classification Board: Mortal Kombat Could Not Be Accommodated

The Classification Board has released a statement regarding Mortal Kombat and their decision to uphold its decision to refuse the game classification.

The statement is typically vague, and doesn't provide much detail, but it does state the following:

A four-member panel of the Classification Review Board (the Review Board) has by majority decision determined that the computer game Mortal Kombat is classified RC (Refused Classification).

In the Review Board’s opinion, Mortal Kombat could not be accommodated within the MA15+ classification as the level of violence in the game has an impact which is higher than strong. As MA15+ is the highest classification category available to computer games under the Australian Classification Scheme, the Classification Review Board must refuse classification to Mortal Kombat.

Computer games classified RC cannot be sold, hired, advertised or demonstrated in Australia.

As mentioned before it's important to note that the Classification Board are simply operating within a set of guidelines they must abide with. If Mortal Kombat does not fall into the MA15+ category, then it must be refused classification.

You can read the entire release here.


    I don't like the decision, but I have to respect their stance. I appreciate the way they put it. They're basically saying they agree it had to be rated higher but they were screwed because they couldn't rate it the way they wanted to so it got RC'ed...

      As much as I agree with their reasoning, it's only going to lead to illegal imports and piracy as people refuse to abide by a decision that goes against the moral judgement of the majority.

      And that, if nothing else, ought to be one of the major considerations in the R18+ decision. By issuing an RC to quality games that the Aussie public wish to play, instead of being able to classify it properly in line with the ethical and moral judgement of the majority of the population as displayed repeatedly in polls and in parliament, the classification board are promoting crime here in Australia.

        To say they're promoting crime is a bold and inaccurate statement. To say they're backed into a corner and operating with limited means now that they themselves set up, is a more accurate one. To say that these actions result in crime happening and the loss of business in australia, is a more accurate representation.

        Crime is always the responsibility of the individual to commit. It's not the fault of the board if you choose to pirate or import, it's your choice. I mean, I'm going to, it's my choice. I blame a broken ratings system, but I'm not angry at them, I'm angry at a defunct, broken system rather than the people. Everyone knows it has to change, even them, its just time now, time til it happens.

    I doubt anyone seriously expected the appeal to get through.

    If the appeal failed, it shows that the system is broken because perfectly acceptable games are banned due to the lack of foresight by those who designed the system.

    If the appeal succeeded, it shows that (yet again) games that should categorically not be included in the MA15+ rating are being forced there due to a lack of other options. That weakens the authority of the board as it shows that the existing ratings do not truly represent what they claim they do.

    So from the board's perspective, having the appeal succeed makes them look worse than having it fail. With such a high profile title, someone was going to look bad and the Classification Board went with the option that alleviated them of blame.

    Fact is, if it was rated MA15+, our system would be more broken than if it wasn't. They made the right choice with the rating they've been given.

    I'll be importing!

      A bitter pill to swallow but true. It has me scratching my head though as to why Dead Rising 2 was allowed through and the SAW games...

        Probably because the SAW games sucked. No, really. Nowhere near as gory as the movie, or as fun.

          And like an expert at parrying he misses the point completely!

    At least we will still be able to play the Demo on the PSN - can't censor that

      No... you certainly can't download a demo of a RC game, they would get their arses kicked if they made the Demo available in Australia...

      That said you can just download the demo from overseas PSN and away you go :)

    Story title should have been:

    Klassification Board: Mortal Kombat Kould Not Be Akkommodated - Fatality!

    Okay, maybe that's a little too much

    THEN how do they let Call of Duty and Battle field through!? There is NO consistency!

      Thats actually a bad reference point, those games are not as violent as the new MK. A better example is the latest AVP game.

      because at no point in Call of duty or battlefield do you beat the living snot out of someone to the point that they have been defeated and then decide to pick there body up and rip it into 2 pieces

      The fact that the fatality's are there but aren't how fights are always end, gives them a gratuitous violence feeling.

      I think that if in the context of the game the only way to defeat any enemy it would have been allowed within context.

      Blood coming out of a person because they were shot makes sense.

      But it is however the reason that no russian was taken issue with, because in that case it was senseless slaughter of civilians at the start.

      most of the time it's gonna come down to context.
      is there a reason for this to happen or is it just there because the fans like it

      so you look at L4D2, Your killing infected humans, infected as opposed to zombies means they could be cured which means your killing what are essentially innocent humans by hacking there limbs off

      AvP, is there a reason for the heads to be eaten or ripped off, yes because it's been established in the movies that the alien frequently eats brains like that. And part of the predators culture is to recover trophy's of it's kills in the form of skulls and theres only about 3 ways to get a skull and none of them are pretty

        Yes, but in Call of Duty you also put shards of glass in a persons mouth, and then proceed to punch him whilst his gob becomes a bloody mess...Comparable I think.

    oh well.. I guess as an alternative, there's always Wii Dare (We Dare?).

    Wait!! we are allowed to import? I thought the law in Australia is that we are not able to import Mortal Kombat???

      Technically, importing RC material is an offense. So you're playing a lottery and taking a risk as to whether customs catch you or not.

      There are laws surrounding the ownership of RC content and the importation of such content. However, no one can stop you from going to a website of your choice and purchasing a game that is RC in this country. The only way that you won't get your game is if it gets picked up by customs and they destroy it. There is very little chance of that happening. Most sites will ship the game to you without stating on the shipping label what the exact name of the game is. Customs have better things to do then look for videogames that have been rated RC in this country.


    No, technically you are not allowed to import this game. But do you think customers officers would have the knowledge or care factor to stop it getting through?!

    I'll be importing this game if it gets good reviews. I hope it's not another Aliens vs Predator banned over hyped piece of garbage.

      Yes they do. It's very easy to check the game on a database. There are (admittedly second hand) accounts of games being intercepted and even rumours of people getting fined.

      Thought you'd like to know.

    I am dissapointed about the decision but i cant feel bad because the ACB were only doint their job and it it obvious that Mortal Kombat isnt suitable for 15 year olds.

    If we do get a R18+ later this year-apparently even RC games like MK won't be able to be resubmitted.

    Even with WBIE's game now RC, a EA released MK did come out here with a "17+" Apple rating (which goes to show iOS mk games can make it through, but console ones don't).

      That does not make any sense. If the classification system had any logic to it... oh wait

    I know they haven't released the full details yet, but here's what annoys me the most about this. The lack of transparency. We have no idea exactly why this game was essentially banned, there isn't any course of action the general public can take to intervene in this decision, yet it effects every person in this country. This is much worse then banning a game.

    There's a MK game that we did get last year-a EA released one though for Apple iOS's devices.

    If anyone is going to import, do it from Zavvi, their game prices are HELLA cheap compared to here (I get most of my new releases for sub $50AUD from them).

    Hopefully this means that people will realise that buying games locally is a farce and that they're paying twice as much as they should or they need too. Get the game from Zavvi PPL. Free shipping as well!

      Or - pre-ordered mine up for $56 AU delivered :)

      I didn't know about the free shipping, that's pretty cool. They have the best online price for this game by about 13 bucks. Hopefully they are sending it here 100%

    Did anyone else notice the "Majority decision"? So it sounds like 1 person out of 4 wanted it in. Also, why does a majority decision work for this, but not getting an R rating put into place?

    I understand why the can't say "We would have liked to give this game an R18+ Rating but none is available."

    It might actually put pressure on the people who are dragging their feet on this issue.

    From what I understand, Mortal Kombat doesn't automatically get an R rating if we suddenly got one in June. But WBIE could re-submit Mortal Kombat after the rating comes in to get it classified again.

    Now it costs quite a bit of money for this game to be classified, and than the appeal now your asking them to do it again after we all purchased imports? I don't think it will be worth it.

    As for people talking about Demos, Demo is short for Demonstration

    Quoting the grey box above: "Computer games classified RC cannot be sold, hired, advertised or demonstrated in Australia."

    Although I don't see them saying can't be imported.

    Once again those in power tell us what we can do in the private of our own homes....then slime off into their dens to paruse their r+18 kiddy porn. Not that id ever play mortal kombat...a game designed purely for those incapable of thought process

    Good news is that the UK just got their Kollector's Edition, so we don't miss out on a thing :)

    Not a problem at all. Thankfully the PS3 is regionfree and importing isn't a problem. I import many of my games and will be doing the same with MK. And will save money! OFLC can suck on it! I will be enjoying MK!

    "... Computer games classified RC cannot be sold, hired, advertised or demonstrated in Australia."

    Does this mean it is ok to import? Bought from overseas, not advertised here, not rented or indeed no demo for PSN/Xbox live... but you can import and play it? Anyone buying from overseas will have a Credit Card and therefore be over 18. Is it illegal to import or not?

    not the reviewers fault, just doing what they feel is right cant blame them for that.
    i would feel a bit guilty too if i allowed this game to be brought and played by 15 year olds.
    retarded goverment and classification system is at fault here.

    Will they need to change the classification of the previous versions of mortal kombat? because lets face it, those games also graphically show decapitation, tearing of torsos and generally painful looking fatalities?
    If the reasoning put forth relating to the latest incarnation being refused classification, how is it the previous versions made it in?
    Anyone with a bee in thier bonnet?


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