Communism Can Be Delicious

Wandering around GDC, I came across this inspired - and delicious - piece of marketing for the upcoming Homefront: a van selling delicious (apparently Northern) Korean grub.

I didn't eat any - because I wanted to find some Japanese food - but maybe today, if I have time I'll sample the revolutionary wares of Korea. Mmmmm. Tastes like… a reduction in individual freedoms.


    A reduction in individual freedoms for the greater good.


    As someone of Korean heritage, I think this is in poor taste.

      That seems like a pun, but am I bad person for smirking for it?

        The pun was completely unintended, but now I'm pleased that I made one! :)

      As a white (Brit/Scot blend, Australia born)Aussie, even I think it's in poor taste.

      At least they didn't hire fake Korean soldiers to march on the place. >.<

    North Korean people starve on a daily basis...

    Kim Jong-Il's former chef once told him he was off to get the old bastard some Sea Urchins, did a runner out of N.K. and is now in hiding.

    Still, I wonder what stuff that van will come up with.

    As another of Korean heritage I think Elly you should lighten up.

      Really? If this is your real name my apologies, but it sounds like a fake name made as a joke. "Took some Bong" indeed.

    Communist food? Mmm I'm guessing it's not communal and free though. 'A North Korean Food Van' that accepts US dollars. For the greater good indeed. :)

    To the haters, lighten the hell up.

      Get on the Band Wagon.. :D

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