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You know, I almost feel bad doing Community Kudos, because it's been so hard for me to keep up with you guys with the time difference - with me being overseas all last week.

This has been my first trip to the US since starting at Kotaku and it's made me realise just what I miss when I'm not constantly checking on the site during the day. Typically I've been writing up posts at 3am your time, then coming back, and writing the afternoon posts in the late afternoon here in San Francisco.

It's made me feel a bit detached from it all - in short… I miss you guys. [Sob]

This has also made it difficult for me to choose Community Kudos. Thankfully I've had a nomination, which makes things a bit easier for me.

So… congratulations Trjn, who received Kudos for his Adventures of Buttercup in Demon's Souls. Tragically I have no idea what this Buttercup business is all about, but as soon as I get a second I'm going to search it out and have a gander.

Alright guys - see you guys when I'm back in Australia next week! Remember that Elly will be sticking around all Saturday, posting up all the good stuff. GDC is still going over here in San Francisco, so there's sure to be plenty of awesome news to come.

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used above - you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    I think i posted about 5 times this week... so like Mark i really have had no idea what was going on. But a deserving winner all the same. Congrats.

    This I was not expecting. That won't stop me from enjoying it though. Yay and thanks.

    Also, anyone who is actually following the Adventures of Buttercup, the next update should be up tomorrow morning at my website. I really should get some sort of schedule going for this, but that will probably come when I'm more used to doing this.

    Congrats Trjn! Have been keeping me entertained reading the adventures, even though it just makes me want a PS3!

    Congrats Trjn! You really write those entries well. I enjoy every bit of it. Hope to see a lot more :)

    Congratulationsasaurus, Trjn!

    I'm looking forward to seeing what Buttercup does next.

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