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Sup folks. I spent most of this week trying to get over some lame jetlag - because I'm a total wuss - but this was also the week when I finally managed to hop on and check out Fatshady and Co's Minecraft server.

I gave some of the guys involved kudos a while back, but had I known the incredible things these chaps have created I would have made a bigger fuss. I'm new to Minecraft, so the basics of building and creating stuff is like some sort of inaccessible Wizardry to me at this stage, but what some of these guys have created is incredible.

Blaghman, like some bizarre, grouchy, pixellated Building Manager, is overseeing production of an enormous colosseum, while Minecraft God-King FatShady has built his own 'boudoir', to accompany the MASSIVE Space Invaders replica he's building. Last time I dropped in (15 minutes ago - totally during work hours) I said 'I want to live in this place'. FatShady simply replied 'we do'.

Oh, there's also a massive Elephant - but I totally forgot who built that! (EDIT: It was Qumulys' Elephant - awesome job!) Honestly - I felt like Charlie heading into Gen Wilder's Chocolate Factory. In a world of my imagination...

So I want to give massive props to all of the Kotaku members who are involved in the Minecraft server. It's great hanging out with you folks, and you've inspired me to read up on my Minecraft lore and start building myself. Might even make myself some pants.

Great job folks.

But now onto this week's Community Kudos, Notorious R has nominated the great Welbot for this week's award, on account of the lengths and depths has gone to in order to help him set up his new computer. So congrats to Welbot for this week's award!

Once again - I'll catch you guys on the flipside. Be sure to check in tomorrow and give Elly crap. You know she deserves it. Also - I've just about convinced her on the idea of signed photos - so maybe the next Community Kudos could be on the receiving end of an autographed pic from the viciously cute Elly Hart.

Chris Hastings is the creator of the image used above - you can check out his site, Dr McNinja, here.


    Congrats welbot, and I love the tags Mark - they're getting more and more random, almost like the inane ramblings of some Scottish dude. XP

    Yay Welbot, our friendly neighbouhood cyborg :)

      And i'm with you for wussing out on jetlag Mark. Been to scared to comment much since i got back cos my brain refuses to work!

    Well done welbot.

    If you didn't see in the maze of TAY, here's some of the Minecraft creations:

    Aww double shucks! Thanks peeps! I been workin like a crazy man this week! Between building the Link mural in Minecraft and digging like a madman, running my own business and helping out all the lovely folk in here, I've hardly found time for much else. With the exception of today of course. Slow day of which I spent most chatting in TAY! Big props to you guys for keeping me entertained today! And a special howdy to my newfound neighbour Sughly!! ;)
    Do I need to email you with my details Mark?

      Yeah just shoot me an email and I'll give you a choice of prizes!

        Oh yeah, that reminds me...did I need to send you my address again?

          I wonder if I have to as well?

          Also, congrats welbot.

        Congrats welbot! :D
        Also, Community Kudos winner's get prizes!?

    Well done welbot :D Great of you to help out as I was pretty useless at it :D Oh, and totally bummed Mark forgot it was my elephant!! I'm putting a big Q on it :P
    Can Blaghman at least get a signed Elly pic? You know he should!!

      I'd be totally cool with that.

      I'm just sayin'

      Because I'm too lazy to post twice; congratumalations welbot.

      Hoooorah for EditS! Thanks Mark. mwwwwwwah!

    Congrats Welbot!! You're always quick to help people, it's good to see you get recognition for it.

    Hmmm, 2nd week in a row I don't have any tags...have to get my mojo back. :P

      It's what I'm programmed to do! ;)

      Since this thread is all about the spirit of giving, I'm gonna check once again.. anyone interested in my untouched copy of Assassins Creed for PC?

      Free to a good home!!

    Awesome Awesome stuff!!
    Congrats welbot!
    Me rikey when you win things!

      Also, almost forgot - Mark, your tags freakin rock! lol

      ROFLMAO Charlie is all kinds of winning atm! :0 I can't help but laugh at all the greatness that's come out of his mouth recently!

      Did anyone see that Scott Dooley (former tripleJ presenter) is going to be doing some sort of movie with him now? :0 That ought to be some golden material!

        They dressed up in military uniforms and interrogated a stuffed pony.

        And then Sheen was arrested...

    Well done welbot!

    Also love the tags :D

    Congrats mate. Again could not go to a better person.

    If I had of known i was being interviewed for this post I would have come up
    With something more witty

    Also hard to have a sick day when you get mentioned in such a public way. Lol. I'm never usually online during the day. Glad only one of my co workers could put this together.

    hows the video walkthrough going mr.serrels?

    oh and i plan to be on the server more this weekend, if i can get myself off playing marvel vs capcom 3 that is...

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