Community Review: Crysis 2

I've been keen to play Crysis 2. I enjoyed the original. Bought what was (at the time) a mega new desktop to play it. But being more of a console gamer (on the whole) I'm not necessarily one of those people who feel betrayed by Crytek's decision to go multiplatform with the franchise - on the contrary, I was keen to see what could be achieved with their engine on home consoles.

To be perfectly honest, I haven't had much time to get to grips with the game - roughly ten minutes in total - but even that was enough to showcase just how pretty the game is. Crytek has done a great job of squeezing extra juice out of the PS3/360, and it's great to be playing a shooter that wasn't developed on the Unreal 3 engine for a change.

But I'm more keen to hear what you guys think. PC guys, how do you feel about the game's move towards a more linear, closed off design? Console guys - how do you feel about jumping head first into a new series? Everyone in between - how are you finding the game itself?

Once my 3DS fever has cooled down a bit, I intend to play through Crysis 2, despite my shooter fatigue. I've passed on both Homefront and Killzone 3, but something about Crysis 2 has inspired me to give it a shot.


    I'm thoroughly enjoying the SP campaign on PC. It may not be the system killer the last games were but its still fun putting on cloak, sniping and snapping necks.

    A question for those who have this on PC, how demanding are the reccomended system requirements?
    I'm currently saving up my upgrade monies for the inevitable Skyrim upgrade so I don't want to upgrade just to find out I need to again in November.

      It's a very lean game. So long as you've got something equal or bettan than a 8800 you'll be able to get the game running at acceptable framerates on the low settings at least.

      I run it on a 4ghz Core i7 setup, GTX 570 SLI and 3 x Alienware AW2310 120hz screens in Portrait.

      ~2550x1440 (or so, can't remember exactly) but not my native res (3240x1920) and high detail @ 90 - 100fps.

      MUCH better than the original.

      I'd say anything like a 5770-grade card will be fine, GTX560/HD6850 would be much better ($250 or so). This would give you very good frame rates.

        I've been planning to build a new rig for this game for a while. Thinking about going with the new 6970 and see if I can get a good monitor for a 3 way monitor set up. Then in a year or two I might get a second 6970 and go crossfire. Not sure what cpu to get though, I was originally looking at the i7 930 but I think it's been replaced with a different model.

        As for the game, I am loving the gameplay on 360. There is some poor enemy AI at times, they will get stuck on one another, or run straight into walls, but its tolerable.

      I'm running a Core 2 Q9550 and an nVidia GTX295, and the game runs at a very stable 40 fps for me on the highest graphical settings at 1680x1050.

      I'm really surprised by how much of an improvement Crysis 2 is over Crysis, in terms of performance, graphics and gameplay. I'm having an absolute blast in the single-player campaign at the moment.

        Agreed. I was very pleasantly surprised at how well this ran on my system. 2.66 Core 2 Duo, 4GB Ram and GTX 260. Running at 1280 x 1024 with the game settings on High. Very pretty, runs smoothly except for some of the bigger scenes with a lot of explosions.

    I'm loving Crysis 2 on PC. Through the weekend I couldn't connect to play multiplayer, but it was suprising that the game has a really long, open and fun singleplayer mode.

    Where COD and other shooters seem to only last 5 -6 hours, it was amazing to finally have a game that took me over 2 days to beat, which left me satisfied.

    I think it's the best shooter released in a while. The suit really breaks up the monotonie of corridor shooters- there are far less restraints than usually. I have it on ps3 and it really looks a treat. I must say it's probably the funnest shooter I have played this year

    I refuse to say anything, because I don't necessarily feel betrayted by the move to consoles, thats fine, but could they have at least put some effort into keeping the PC version more advanced? I mean, that blur ruined the demo for me. Why have ATI and Nvidia let Crysis 2 lack the drive their industry needs? Unless they get behind these big IP's, its going to be a slow dim road for the PC. I know its not all about the graphics, but for me Crysis has always been about the graphics. I'm not really in a position to say this though as I've only played the demo, but hopefully the modding community can add some options to improve graphics settings.

    Is the Crysis editor included to make your own maps?

      Couldn't find the editor, myself. The game is good but not quite as good as the original Crysis in terms of graphics and AI. Some people thought the Korean grunts were dumb, but they put up a fair fight in Delta difficulty. The AI in Crysis 2 is atrocious in comparison. Soldiers frequently stand around idly while their comrades die around them when using a silenced weapon. They seem to react to gunshots, but not deaths. They don't really use any tactics either, and get caught on terrain/generally prove useless.

    This game is pretty awesome. Looks stunning, game-play for the SP is also surprisingly good. Some issues with broken multiplayer elements are a little frustrating, but I'm hoping it will be taken care of in the next patch.

    Go go power ranger!!

    as a long time member of CRYMOD, i feel this is quite a dissapointment.
    the move to consoles im not dissapointed about, its that the PC version was dropped in the proccess, it would have been better if it was more like BF3, give the console people the scraps that there machine can handle, and give the PC people the power thats been lacking lately.

    and not having ANY editing tools is just a slap to the face in crymod, many people where planning to use CE3, or port there mod to it.. i hope to see some modding tools soon, or we may never see something as great as the MechWarrior Living Legends mod

      I think your statement "give the console people the scraps that there [sic] machine can handle", is a poor statement to make.

      Yes, consoles are not as powerful as a beige 286 with the turbo button turned on, but reducing the amount of players and scaling the maps accordingly is not giving us the scraps of a game. I prefer smaller maps, and I prefer smaller numbers of people. It's far more intimate and intimacy is a good thing! I think it's DICE targetting their audience with respect to hardware limitations. Consoles tend attract more casual gamers. Our megre brains can't handle more than 20 players in a game.

      We are not as advanced and super pro as you PC gamers. I don't even know how to play minesweeper.

    I've played about 30 minutes into the single player campaign on the PS3 and I've yet to be impressed. The graphics don't really seem that great at all. The gun mechanics feel poor and the landscapes seem void of colour. I think BFBC2 and Dead Space 2 look much nicer.

    It makes wonder if this is just another case of Bungie syndrome. When gamers blindly prostrate themselves before a game studio's gods, because they once did something great. I'm sure Crytek could wack a Crysis sticker on a piece of cheese, say it looks like Jesus, sell it on Ebay and finance the development of their next game.

    However, I do reserve the right to change my view once I've played a little more.

      I disagree with your "Bungie Syndrome" comment. I didn't even like Crysis 1, Crysis 1 was a disappointment to many PC gamers (it had nothing other than graphics, and even they didn't impress me that much other than the huge draw distances).

      I'm pleasantly surprised by Crysis 2 though. Swapping to an urban environment and reworking the gameplay was a good choice (the whole "verticality" thing they kept touting actually does make a difference).

      On the graphics side of things, I don't know how the PS3 version holds up but on PC this game is a great graphical achievement. Even on the lowest settings it still looks pretty. I don't believe people who say the game is being held back by the consoles either, the textures look crisp and the lighting/shadowing is excellent.

      I thought there was plenty of colour too, from the very start you're presented with a variety of bright colours, red flashing lights in the submarine, cinders flying through the night sky over the Hudson river, the green of the trees, the amber of the sunset, the pink/purple shimmering of the aliens' skin, etc. Sure, the buildings are all grey, but they've done their best to balance it out with plenty of colours elsewhere.

        I got halfway writing a comment like this but then accidentally closed the window and couldn't be bothered rewriting it, so thanks for stating what I'm sure most of us were thinking.

        Crysis 1 wasn't a loved game, it just had great graphics.

        Most game developers that make something great followed by something bad get hated on for it.

        Crysis 2 is a great game, graphically a marvel (though perhaps not as much as the original in its time) and great gameplay as well. It really is surprising for me as I picked up the game mostly for the pretty graphics and was happy to find a solid game in it; and if people are right in saying its 10-12 hours long then that's another big point in its favour with so many FPS games seeing 8 or even 6 hours as a good target length.

          Good points from you both. I'll give it a little more time. Although, I stand by my comments that the graphics haven't wowed me yet on the PS3.

          "Crysis 1 wasn’t a loved game, it just had great graphics" I'm a little confused by this. It does have a metacritic aggregate score of 91% and numerous game of the year awards.

            Weird, everyone I know was less than impressed with Crysis' story and gameplay. And the way the game ended? Garbage.

    About halfway through (from what I can tell from the unlockables), on Xbox, and enjoying every minute. Graphics are amazing - first game that I've been glad to have an HDTV for. I know I'll cop a lot of flak for this, but everytime I see one of those drop ships shoot down Xenos into the field, all I can think of is "covenant"... graphics aside, it's very similar to the way as elites are deployed in the Halo series... Not a bad thing, at all. Thoroughly enjoying it.

      Also, loved the "Can it run Crysis?" achievement. :P

        That made me laugh too

    It's pretty boring for the first few hours (up until you finally chase that damned scientist to his lab.

    Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone who enjoys having fun.

    I loved Crysis 1, even though it ran at <20fps on my machine, and the sequel has the same feel as the first in all the ways that matter.

    Compared to the first:

    The player movement is much better. Grabbing ledges, sliding and leaning around cover are great. Holding jump for a big jump and melee for a power melee is much more intuitive than switching to 'strength mode'. It would be nice if you could double tap 'sprint' to get a bit more speed at the cost of energy though.

    The multiplayer is tighter and more action packed. The first game, with its large open levels where you could easily hide in the bushes, just didn't feel as engaging as this. It has just the right amount of CoD to make the game interesting without losing the strategic possibilities afforded by the nano suit.

    While the graphics engine is undeniably better than the first, the lower resolution textures and lack of parallax mapping is often a noticeable downgrade. The water doesn't seem to look as good as the first either. The lack of destructible environments is also a slight let down, considering it would actually have been very useful in the city setting at times. Even lacking these things, I still think overall it looks better than the first.

    Its scope is inferior in some ways to Crysis 1, but it's an improvement when it comes to gameplay and fun, and that's what really matters to me. Most importantly, it runs as smooth as butter on my q6600, 4gb ram HD 5770 machine, whereas the first still runs like Steven Hawking – a beautiful example of technical brilliance held back by an inability to function reasonably. Crysis 2 has its priorities sorted out and is the better game for it.

    My rig: Core I7-950, 12GB Ram, GTX480

    The lack of graphics options did bug me at the start but I was able to play at the highest setting and everything around me still looked amazing so I don't really care if it's playing in a lower DX.

    I played through the whole singleplayer in roughly two nights, around about 10-15 hours maybe.It had a great storyline In my Opinion. I also did like the ammount of options to get around one mob of guys. Some required me sitting in one spot and planning a strategy (lol maybe that was just me). I didn't feel as the singleplayer was short at the time of finishing but now that it has been a few days, kinda feel like it was a little short.

    I Played some multiplayer once I got the the bugs out of the way(CD-key not remembering/CD-key in use)and it handled great! I am Starting to like the normal marine based mutliplayer mode though the more I play it(seems like COD multiplayer but way better). When I play the normal suit with armour/cloak abilities it kinda just seems like a random choice who get's to live even though you shot first (and no it wasn't the lag, I had less than the other person at the time).

    Loved it. Graphics settings were slightly disappointing, and you don't get many really big sandbox style levels until later in the game, but nothing can beat the verticality and suit modes. The stats tracker told me I spent roughly 47.5% of my playtime cloaked, and thats why I love this game: you can play any way you want, and the experience will be different every time.

    Peersonally, I'm loving it on Xbox 360! I know for some this is heresy, but I'm enjoying Crysis2 far more than 'Bulletstorm' and 'Homefront'. I certainly feel more empowered with suit and with the number of ways I can approach each encounter.

    Playing it on PC and specifically upgraded my Graphics Card for this (and a few other games in the pipleline). Quad i7, 6gb RAM, GTX580.

    Playing on highest settings and it's running smooth throughout. Crysis 2 = P'retty game' is an understatement. Still playing through SP campaign and loving it.

    The biggst let down is the lack of destructible environments like the first. Didn't really notice it until my APC smacked head first into a light pole at full speed and came to a grinding halt. The are some AI and graphical glitches, but nothing that can't be addressed in a simple patch. Still funny to see a CELL trooper yell grenade from behind cover, only for his grenade to land at his own feet minus the pin.

    Loving the MP so far, even when I do end up playing on Dutch servers via the quick play option it's a riot. SP is amazing - definately a GOTY contender for me

    Playing though singleplayer so far -- found it extremely fun to begin with but I'm about half-way through the game now and the only enemies around are aliens... which are about as much fun to fight as stabbing yourself in the eye. Hopefully I can fight me some good old fashioned humans again soon...

    On the PC atm and can't seem to do 'Stealth Kills' anymore.... ?
    All I get is 'grab' option?

    Anyone have this problem too?

    The overall game play is much improved on the first and there was some impressive set pieces. However, numerous AI glitches and the backwards step in regards to textures and game world destruction kind of muted the entire experience for me. Also not overly thrilled with the Ceph redesign, it may be just me but now they seem very generic. Compared to the original and other contenders I am rather meh.

    cloverfield setting + black ops graphics on acid + halos action pack game play = crysis 2. Which is everything I ever want in a Xbox game

    Guys, I have a HP DV8 with a Core i7 720 @ 1.6GHz, 4GB DDR3 and a GT230M.

    Can it run Crysis 2? (or will I just end up putting it on my shelf while it laughs at me until I get a real desktop)

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