Console And Retailer Exclusive DLC Hasn't Gotten This Bad... Yet

How much would you pay to add the mighty Rook to your chess arsenal? Is there a collector's edition that comes with everything included? How long will the PS3 exclusive remain exclusive? A glimpse of things to come?

Via Reddit


    $14.99 for a map pack ain't bad!

      You can get games like Magicka, the Painkiller series, Torchlight and countless other releases for $15 or less. $14.99 for a map pack (that normally includes a lot of rehashed models and textures and sometimes even levels that existed in a games previous installment) is beyond ridiculous.

        think there was a high level of sarcasm there tho bud :P

          Nobody can crack a joke these days :p

            My mistake. The use of the exclamation mark and the lack of emotes makes it easy to misinterpret. :P

    Given the current state of shovelware, as well as pre-order bonus' and DLC, I actually thought this was real for a few seconds... Then I saw "Via Reddit" :)

    what happened to the multiplayer DLC that raises the level cap thats already on the disc with the reasoning 'so as to not split up the player base'?

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