Creator Of NBC's "Community" Celebrated Its Renewal With ... Bulletstorm?

The Twitterverse went off like a fireworks volley on Thursday when news passed that "Community," the critically acclaimed but low-rated NBC comedy-drama, was picked up for a third season. How did the show's creator celebrate? "I came home and I played 'Bulletstorm.'"

What the dick? Well, Dan Harmon says it was either Bulletstorm or go out and get drunk, "And it was St. Patrick's Day, so I thought that was a bad idea," he told The Wrap.

But ... wouldn't St. Patrick's Day be ... the perfect time ... for ... screw it. He played Bulletstorm. The Wrap asked Harmon what the game's all about and he managed to use a made-up word that isn't in the game, probably because it's not profanity.

"It's about a few people who crash-land on a planet and they have to shoot all kinds of 'gagoohs' so that they can get bigger guns to shoot even more 'gagoohs,'" he said. That's one way to look at it.

The show, "about a community college and a bunch of knuckleheads there," as Harmon puts it, airs at 8 p.m. Thursdays on NBC.

Dan Harmon Played Games After 'Community' Renewal [The Wrap]


    Good to see it got renewed, im glad i stumbled upon it one day on channel go.

    Excellent. More Community. One of the best written shows on TV at the moment.

    Great show.

    Now if only he'd said TF2, I'm sure Valve could have thrown us some cross-promotional items :(

    i think he meant dakka

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