Crysis 2 On PC Has Reduced BSR, 32% Colour Downturn

The first Crysis was, and remains, something of a benchmark for PC hardware nerds. Because the second Crysis was also made for consoles, though, some of those aforementioned nerds are angry. And justifiably so!

I mean, look at these numbers, put together by PC specialists Rock, Paper, Shotgun. They clearly show that, because this game is also available on the PS3 and Xbox 360, something's very wrong on the hardware side of things when it comes to the PC version! For example, Crysis 2 only has "32.1m pixels in the 12J", which reduces "the BSR to a measly 43, with almost negligible ambience".

Even more concerning to PC gaming purists is Crysis 2's Verticle Sync Module, which when compared to the PC-only Crysis "reveal a significant drop in upscaling, and a worrying trend demonstrating an increase in downscaling".

And all that's before you get to cardboard box comparisons and Crysis 2's carbon production and "significant reduction in flora".

For the full, often saddening rundown, see the highly scientific and 100 per cent made-up article below.

Crysis 2′s Shocking Tech Compromise: Proof [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


    Yeah, its funny and all, but still I'm one who has been grumpified by the treatment PC has been given. They can mock all they want, but its made me completely throw in any desire to upgrade my pc now. Its stagnating the PC industry, I give in. It's a losing side I'm on... Bah!

      My feelings too. The consoles are great and everything and there are lots of advantages of having set hardware, but because it is set it can't improve or be upgraded except for when a new console comes out.

      So the PC is supposed to be the platform that shows us what the future can hold. It has the disadvantage of everyone having different hardware, but that means that we can get the very best cutting edge technology. Then developers can make games that push these limits and show us the very best that we can do.

      I didn't care so much about Crysis as a game, just as tech demo to show what a computers were capable of. Crysis 2 as a game is great, but I am disappointed that we have may have lost that vision of the future that the Cry Engine was. It's probably still the prettiest thing around, but is it as pretty as it could possibly be?

        Who cares how pretty it could have been if only a fraction of the populace could appreciate it.

        What good is a beautiful painting if everyone is blind?

        Crysis 2 looks amazing AND runs well on a PC.

        Same story with games like Dragon Age 2 - Bioware made extra detailed assets avaliable for those with the grunt to run it.

    I keep waiting for the next big game I will need to upgrade for... this was certainly not it!

    Here's hoping for Diablo 2 / Skyrim

      Yeah, I'll be upgrading my PC when Diablo 2 comes out for sure. I want to upgrade my beige AMD 286 running at 16 sweet Mhz (with turbo button depressed) to a black(!) Celeron 400 running Windows 95.

        Surely you mean Diablo 3

    I'm surprised Crytek didn't shitcan the PC version after the bittoreent debacle....

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