Crysis 2 Sings On PC

This latest Crysis 2 video gives another look at the gunplay and suit-enhanced choreography of the upcoming computer and console shooter.

Better still, this was capped off of a computer and gives us sense of how smooth the game will play on PC.

Crysis 2 releases March 22nd for the PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360.


    Note: it's only going to be 6v6 compared to 16v16 like the original in Multiplayer :(

      No it's not.

    yeh but is there lean?

      2:14 Press ? to lean right

    Watching this reminds me of how I felt when I first played Halo. The combat was so fun, and you had so many options of how to approach an area that you could replay the same level a dozen times over, just trying different tactics.

      Gun customisation looks great also

    AI looked a bit dumb tho. but hard to tell.

      I agree though there did seem to be some group interaction. The main shortfall I think is their limited active searching given they know a killer is out there.

    yay now i'm hyped up for this game again

    This looks good, but they have taken the armor thing WAY too far. He just walks around and never even gets close to dying. How frustrating would it be to just empty a whole mag on some guy, then he just turns around and kills you in two seconds. BULLSHIT.

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