Damn, Agent 47, You Are Good

This may be the best whack job from IO Interactive's Hitman: Blood Money, as played by TheAuZZieGamer. For those unfamiliar with this particular Hitman mission, it involves the assassination of Vinnie "Slugger" Sinistra, an FBI informant in the Witness Protection Program.

There's some salty, Australian accented language in here, so perhaps watch with headphones.


    "salty, Australian accented language"

    OK, seriously.

    This video is a few weeks old and was posted again to Reddit last night (after the initial submission a few weeks ago). You saw this on Reddit and posted it here, otherwise you would have posted one of this guy's more recent videos in the series.

    It's perfectly fine to repost, but at least link where you found it.

      Actually, it says it was uploaded 22 hours ago.

    Hitman. I do miss you.
    We shall reunited very soon.

    C'mooooon E3 for announcement!

    This was probably my favourite mission from Blood Money.

    i think i'll try that :)

    I remember methodically feeding each and every FBI guy into the trash compactor. Ha ha ha, joy.

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