Devil May Cry May Come To Cinemas

Dante the demon slayer may be gracing the silver screen soon, now that Hollywood studio Screen Gems - the people who make the Resident Evil movies - has acquired the rights to make a Devil May Cry movie.

Variety reports that Capcom and Screen Gems have struck a deal to adapt Devil May Cry into a feature film, with Kyle Ward writing the script. He's the guy writing the Kane & Lynch screenplay, so let's hope his video game adaptation skills are up to the task.

'Devil May Cry' videogame heading to bigscreen [Variety]


    I'm terrified, yet I can't look away...


      this can only end in disaster, but I'll probably go see it.

      I'll hate myself for it... but I'll do it.

    I want to care about a franchise close to my heart but considering what Capcom has done to Dante recently all by themselves should I really care if Dante and his family go about dispensing antique justice across the world?

    Dear Hollywood,

    We like Devil May Cry for the button mashing action, not to have a 1-on-1 deep & meaningful with Dante. Mashing buttons does not translate to script.

    Yours sincerely,

      Andrew, check out the anime. That was enjoyable! Hopefully the movie won't be far off...

    It seems DMC is going to get destroyed at every turn. First the reboot kills it and now the movie is going to destroy the corpse.

    And I bet they'll use Emo-Dante in the movie, just to piss off the fans.

    They're gonna use Leonardo DiCaprio as Dante. I can sense it.

    hmm would you get the same actor to play Dante/Vergil or two different guys?

    Capcom seems to be very loose with their licences, i'm worried about what will happen when they make a Phoenix Wright film.

    Either it will be terrible and awesome, like the anime, or it will be terrible and terrible, like the upcoming game will most likely be.

    The anime was cool enough already. This can only be worse.

    Precisely. If they take their cues from the tone of the anime - and abolish neo-Dante - this might be with a look.

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