Did This Woman Just Troll The Entire Internet?

In the wake of the natural disasters that hit Japan, a young woman named "tamtampamela" uploaded a video on YouTube. In it, she says that the earthquake and tsunami were God grabbing Japan by the shoulders and shaking the country, saying, "Look, I'm here."

Tamtampamela goes on to say that the events that transpired in Japan were the result of a Christians praying that the eyes of atheists were opened. "It's so amazing to see how God can answer prayers like this," she continued. "I'm so overjoyed." She says there are so many atheists in America, but that Japan was a "good place to start".

In Japan, thousands are dead or missing, with many more now homeless after last Friday's quake.

Online forums and sites erupted over her comments, wondering how she could say such cruel and heartless things in the name of religion. This wouldn't be the first for tamtampamela. She's been uploading videos to YouTube for over a year - videos in which she criticises atheists and even video games. In October 2010, she said World of Warcraft was the work of Satan. She criticised WoW for having black magic and demons. Her video set off a flurry of YouTube responses.

But what if she was just a troll? A hardcore, uber troll?

Tamtampamela is an active user on "Christian" forums, leading some to believe that she was the real deal. As pointed out by YouTube user EliseVintage, the forums that tamtampamela was apparently posting on are satire sites.

On Christian Chat, tamtampamela wrote, "I've been posting videos on YouTube recently. For some reason people aren't taking me seriously." She goes on to say people are calling her a troll and laughing. "I'm being super honest in all of my videos," she continued. "I just posted another one a few hours ago and it's the same story."

There are also posts by a "TamTamPamela" on The Landover Baptist Church Forum, which is a Christian parody forum. As blogger Milowent points out, TamTamPamela changed her name to "Sister Pamela". The Landover Baptist Church, says Wiki, is a fictional Baptist church set in a fictional Iowa town. The site was created by Chris Harper, who has a whole slew of satirical videos, like this or this, on YouTube.

Another alarm bell is that tamtampamela was a YouTube subscriber to EdwardCurrent, who is all a well-known religious satirist. Was a subscriber, because tamtampamela's YouTube account was deleted hours ago with notes that read: "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by LaughAloneTV."

Laugh Alone TV is a comedy site that was apparently offering tamtampamela a partnership. "We were trying to monetize and offering her partnership and we were going to donate," tweeted iSlusho from Laugh Alone TV, "but then she closed her account in fear so that's why it still says removed."

Laugh Alone TV says it was not affiliated with them. "She freaked out after death threats and removed her video after we attempted to offer her a partnership on YouTube," Laugh Alone TV tells Kotaku. Laugh Alone TV doesn't know if her real name was Pamela, but added, "She was acting, though."

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    Most epic troll ever.

    troll or not, it was still very wrong imo.

    Definitely got a good laugh from her. Trolling at its best...if she is a troll. If not, lol I got a good laugh anyway.

      she went way too far. why do people feel they need to get a laugh out of horrific tragedy?

    Wow! She trolled like mad! I thought she was real, but just for a second! :)

    Troll or not ( and it was ) the real sad thing is that there are actual people out there that think just like this girl ( re: Pat Robertson )

    I don't know if trolling is the right word for this. I mean what is the definition of trolling? Causing people to get up in arms and upset over something that really doesn't matter. This is a natural disaster that took thousands of lives. This isn't a trivial matter.

    To make comments like this is wrong, to make comments like this to create some kind of joke or amusement, is equally if not even more so wrong. You won't hear late night show hosts making jokes about the earthquake because they know they'd get kicked off the air for being so insensitive. Honest or acting this girl deserves the backlash she gets.

    Tamtampamela's not new to the internet, and knows quite well that when you get in a fight with people online, they say the most hateful things. "Die in a fire" and such statements are a long way from someone actually showing up at your door with a gas can, and I think it's hilarious that she went so far out of her way to emotionally manipulate people for a year and a half with her 'fun', and in one night was 'freaked out' when the tables were turned on her.

    It says a lot about tamtampamela as a person, and how she sees other people, that she thought it was okay to manipulate people, that it was ok to have fun at the expense of the survivors and those still in danger in Japan, and that it's okay to shout fire in a crowded theater ...because people are responsible for their own sense of panic, right? I think she finally got a clue about how this was going to impact her long-term, and that unless she wanted to work on Madison Ave. as an ad exec for the rest of her adult life (IE: Where else could someone that soulless, conniving, manipulative and uncaring about others actually get a job), she'd need to put the fire out as quickly as she could.

    I watched the posts scrolling past as people found out about the site. I have to say what I saw was a lot of anger. But why were people so angry? That's the big question nobody seems to be addressing, or see as a major point in this fiasco. People were angry because she was belittling the pain of others, whether as a religious nut or a generic trolling internet nut. What I saw was a lot of people slapping down a bully. I agree people could have been a little more polite about expressing that anger, but then again, anger isn't really an unexpected response to her first video (I'm happy God killed people) or her second video (I had fun making fun of people I don't agree with, and messing with the minds of innocent bystanders). Additionally, she admitted her reason for making the videos was to 'piss people off', so I am left wondering why she was so surprised when that's what she accomplished, and why she was so surprised when that very real anger was, well, angry. Perhaps she thought she could continue to manipulate people's responses like trained poodles. "Ok be angry now! Good puppy! Now show me angry barking only! No peeing on the carpet!"

    The intellectual elitism in her actions is also interesting to notice, as evidenced in her flippant and unapologetic attitude toward the entire series of events. She thinks she's won something, she's somehow smarter than the rest of us, because she managed to pull off this hoax. All she's really accomplished is providing a target for a lot of people so heartsick over the images coming out of Japan who feel powerless to help other than throwing money at it a chance to vent some frustration, and again, slap down a bully. Tamtam 0, general public 1/2. I'm giving the general public half creds for being so willing to take down a sociopath (so·ci·o·path – noun . A person, as a psychopathic personality, whose behavior is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience). I only wish more people had been willing to do the same in Germany about 75 or so years ago, so one one level at least there's a 'good' side to all of this.

    Given that her video got a half a million views, she's really lucky that, through her own stupidity, all she got was a few dozen pizzas. (I saw a comment or two about people who thought it would be funny to send her a turd in the mail, so that may still happen. Time will tell, I guess.)

    All this being said, I do really hope she can sort it all out, develop a bit of humility and compassion for others, and make amends in some way. She's obviously bright most of the time, and could still make something positive out of all of this.

    Too bad she didn't think past the no-hearted attempt to monetize for her own gain, and instead set the videos up to donate to the people of Japan. Not that I am condoning the videos by saying it's ok to raise money for good by creating and maintaining a tornado of hatred, but once it had happened and couldn't be undone, she could have really made a difference in another person's life.

      WELL said!!!

      This has to be the most cogent, well-thought out and appropriate response to this sad excuse for a little girl trolling for attention that I have seen to date. Bravo to you. As for TamTamPamela, one can only hope her 15 minutes are up and she better "pray" they are as well.

        Actually Ellen, Curiouser's post smacks highly of someone that has issues and is one sided. I agree with a few points but disagree with the attitude that is overzealous in the notion of her getting hers etc. Not to mention I've seen this post copy and pasted to 3 or 4 other web sites. It's' also kind of stupid. For for example, the post fails to notice that the video had built in clues that let people know it wasn't real. For example saying America and the U.K. were next is a dead giveaway of how ludicrous the entire thing was. Also the fact that people THAT joyous about something with amazingly bad consequences, and yet no fear of retaliation in the video clearly point to a troll. I thought she went too far, but people like Curiouser irritate just as much or worse. Why? Because they fall into line with a group of people who relish in getting even, and don't know their place in life, society or with the law. That's why this person actually seems so pleased she got harassed at her home address. It's a way of saying, "Hey I don't agree with you or what you are doing, so I will FORCE you to comply with my wishes by me harassing you".

        Also this person failed to understand that she couldn't monetize off the video and then send proceeds to Japan. That is just plain stupid. They also didn't notice that the troll didn't have to make a "coming clean video". Deleting her original would have been just fine. But she let everyone know it was basically fake when she realized it was getting too big of a reaction. That proves she not only got it went too far, but that her intent as a troll isn't to have things get that big. Otherwise she would have kept the video up. Also she deleted it even though an internet company doing videos offered a way to make money from it.

        I'm not supporting her videos as they went too far, but that was NOT a well thought out comment. And I'll probably be censored, but I still think it's true. The people who were threatening to kill her and looking up her home address etc, went a bit too far.

        @ Curiouser - "Where else could someone that soulless, conniving, manipulative and uncaring about others actually get a job?"

        It's called acting. She probably could be a very good actress and it hasn't yet occurred to her that it would be a more productive way to use her skills rather than trolling. And don't say she can't act, because 1) she didn't believe or mean a word of what she said yet if not for a few clues it was fake, it looked real. and 2) - you were fooled.

        Let's also not forget that she's probably 13 and not a "woman", but a girl. That means she's not an adult, but a child. Point is, many kids try things that are stupid, and then they usually learn from those mistakes. It's called growing up. Hopefully she learns from this and grows up some. Also what if one stupid girl believed 100% in what she was saying about God? The entire internet melts down? That's why I don't take things that serious. From kids especially. Yet she had millions of people at each others throats. The cause of that was them A) not considering it was fake, and B) if it were real, caring too much about one person's warped views.

    Even if she is a troll, it's not exactly right to make light of a situation such as this. Trolls get amusement out of what they do - she's getting her kicks out of joking about the deaths of thousands.

    This is probably a child! She needs serious help...can't they find her a mental institute? Also, her parents should watch over her more closely, because if she can put something like this on the internet, she can also make a youtube port movie of herself and both times we'll be watching it to see what a big fool she's making of herself.


    funny how she came out as a troll AFTER the shit hit the fan and she became afraid for her life.

    "I'm a psycho christian"

    "wha....? you want to kill me now??"

    "I'm just a troll! I swear I was kidding!"

    Funny how trolls are always ugly as shit.

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