Digital Idol And Real Pin-Up Girl Blended In Pixels

Even though she's performed in concerts, Miku Hatsune is an entirely virtual creation. Pin-up model Risa Yoshiki, however, appears to be real! In the latest issue of Japanese tabloid Weekly Playboy, both idols, 2D and 3D, come together.

Here's how the promotional video for the photoshoot explains it:

Beyond the limits of science, she came. Her name is Hatsune Miku. She met the most beautiful woman on earth, Yoshiki Risa. They blended in pixels, and reborn as the 5th dimension girl - PIXELOID.

Weekly Playboy is dubbing this fusion of the second and third dimension as "5D". Yes, this is what a 5D layout looks like, apparently.

The latest issue of Weekly Playboy went on sale this week in Japan. Weekly Playboy is not to be confused with Playboy magazine, which was called "Gekkan Playboy" or "Monthly Playboy". That magazine ended publication in 2009 due to flaccid circulation.

初音ミクの『5次元グラビア』が週刊プレイボーイに掲載!! [2ch ニュー速VIPブログ(`・ω・´)]


    Wow, first time i see the promo vid, Risa look amazing!

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