Don't Talk Video Games With Japanese Prisoners

Between 2006 and 2010, a prison guard in Chiba Prison chatted with prisoners about things he should not have. He talked to them about video games and comic books. But that isn't all.

Discipline actions were taken against the officer on March 29. The 31-year-old former corrections officer said he thought the idle chatter would be lighten things up for the difficult inmates. "Former" because the officer voluntary quit after admitting he talked gaming and manga with prisoners.

According to news reports, the former guard talked with inmates about video games and manga on at least twenty different occasions. What's more, he even looked up things like manga and DVD prices on his home computer to answer questions from inmates.

Talking video games is small potatoes to perhaps the former guard's most serious breach: he told inmates the family names of fellow correction officers.

Chiba prison is offering an apology to the people of Japan, adding that it will work hard to prevent things like this happening in the future.

看守が受刑者とゲーム話 千葉刑務所懲戒処分 [MSN産経ニュース via はちま起稿][Pic]


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