Doodle Jump Making Leap To Xbox 360 (And Beyond)

The people behind the wildly popular Doodle Jump - which has seen 10 million paid downloads across the iPhone and Android platforms - are hoping this Doodle Jump thing will catch on elsewhere, namely with the Xbox 360 crowd.

Lima Sky, the "creative force" behind the $US0.99 download Doodle Jump, boasted of that 10 million milestone today, while also revealing plans to bring the simply addictive game to Xbox Live Arcade and Microsoft's Kinect controller. On top of that, the developer also says it plans to release a multiplayer update to the iPhone version, Doodle Jump for iPad and loads of merchandising.

Doodle Jump stationery sets, a line of toys and a comic book based on the rich fiction of Doodle the Doodler jumping on stuff are also in the works. Whew! My head is spinning from all the transmedia opportunities!

Actually, it's the video gaming potential for Doodle Jump that's more interesting. We're curious to see how Doodle Jump multiplayer will work plus how popular the combination of Kinect and Doodle Jump will be - and if other iOS/Android developers will follow suit with their own Xbox 360 ports.


    Icy Tower > Doodle jump. It's also about a decade older.

      THIS!!!! One of the most addicting games ever...

        Just letting you know, the word is addicTIVE.

    xbox live arcade is usually 800 ms points or more.. there needs to be a lot of new immersing features & modes to justify the price.

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