Dragon Age And Florence And The Machine - Together At Last

Bioware are absolutely killing it with the soundtracks at the moment, Clint Mansell is doing some work on the Mass Effect 3 soundtrack and now EA has just announced that Dragon Age 2 will feature music from Florence and the Machine.

At first look it doesn't seem like a perfect match, but Florence and the Machine's use of harps and their general Spector-like 'wall of sound' may end up working quite well we reckon. Kinda.

Well it's an interesting combination at least.

Inon Zur returns for the rest of Dragon Age 2's soundtrack which will be made available for purchase on March 8. You can check out a sample of the soundtrack here.


    link doesnt work

      Sorry about that, I just fixed it.

      And can I just say.... I LOVE FLORENCE + THE MACHINE!!

        Wasn't the biggest fan in the world... until I saw her live. Holy smokes. She owned the stage so much, The Strokes that came out to follow her said they were nervous. One of the best live performances, hands down!

    My head exploded.

    One of my favourite games ever.

    Merged with my favourite musical artist, EVER.

    I will no longer have to play her music on the background, very, very good news! :D

    Florence was on an episode of Spicks and Specks, wasn't she?

      Yep, she was.

    Why does that link go to an exchange webmail site?


    I would be lying if I said I had heard of her.

    10 minutes on YouTube later and I'm skeptical. She's good, but I don't see her style lending itself to soundtracking. Oh well, we shall see; well, hear.

    Everyone here does realise her contribution will be the end credits song and that's it right?

      That's what I assumed.

      Well at least it will make everyone watch the credits all the way through.

    Give it a chance. The one song in Red Dead including lyrics ended up been one of the most poignant moments of the game.
    Florence has an etheral voice that could suit that genre quite well

      +1 That was a very good moment in the game.

    The darkspawn are ov-a-er, the dark-spawn-are-doneee!

    ...but seriously though she should be a playable character.

    I am really looking forward to this game.

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