Dragon Age Brought To Life (With No Money)

Leo Kei Angelos loves Dragon Age. But he doesn't have buckets of cash to squander on an expensive movie tribute. Nor does he have actress Felicia Day. He does have snow, though. Fake blood, too.

"To do something epic like Dragon Age justice without a lot of money is challenging, to say the least," Angelos writes on YouTube. "But the whole cast and crew utilised all our resources really well and worked our butts off to try and make it happen."

The plan is to finish the "zero dollars budget" short film and release the 15 minute flick in the next few months.


    I hope you all let us know when this gets out. I'd love to see it!

    Wait, they still had to spend money on costumes and props right? So unless all the cast/crew just had those lying around, technically it's not a zero dollar budget film...yeh, I'm just being a douche.

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