Dragon Age II Coulda Used Dave’s Mapper

Dragon Age II Coulda Used Dave’s Mapper

Maybe Dragon Age II, criticized for its repeating dungeon structure, could have benefitted from something like this nifty dungeon randomizing web application. Not that I’m any better at it myself. I suffered the same criticism the only time my D&D friends, all older than me, let me DM an original dungeon. “Is there a secret door in every room?”

Chastened, I went back to being a half-elf barbarian-cleric and sulked my way through healing everyone in Dragons of Flame. If only I’d had Dave’s Mapper.

Dave’s Mapper is a multi-source geomorphing web application that launched about a month ago. It draws from 12 different sources of tiles to completely randomize dungeon maps. Tiles are swappable, and three sources are available for constructing a city map. The dungeons can be capped or left open to suit other purposes.

There is a ton of additional functionality for you to explore. Now I have to figure out where I’m going to put the kobolds and ochre jelly.

Dave’s Mapper [site]


  • It’s been far too long since I had a regular group for tabletop RPGs, but I always love browsing these random map gen sites. It’s always nice seeing what sort of results the different systems get (the old box rooms and corridors, random terrain, etc.)

    Though it does make me pine for another Castle Of The Winds type game that has that comfortable blend of being an accessible roguelike (for PC – yes I know there are a few for iDevices and XBLA nowadays) without quite cutting back to the single-screen challenges of Desktop Dungeons.

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