Duke Nukem Forever Has A Spank Button

Duke Nukem Forever wants to push your buttons. Take the game's "Capture the Babe" multiplayer mode, which ditches the traditional flag as object of desire for a woman, one who will "sometimes freak out" and need a gentle "reassuring slap".

That's according to the latest issue of OXM, which describes Duke Nukem Forever's four multiplayer modes that feel ripped from the '90s. They're variations on deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag and king of the hill modes, only with Duke-ified names - "Team Dukematch," for example - and that aforementioned babe smacking.

The issue calls Capture the Babe mode "pretty much what you'd expect from a CTF-style mode with one small touch: the Babe will sometimes freak out while you're carrying her [...]at which point you have to hit a button to gently give her a reassuring slap," but assures readers "it's more goofy than offensive."

According to the PR firm for developer Gearbox Software, that "slap" is done directly to the keister of one's captured babe, presumably slung over the shoulder of your multiplayer Duke avatar.

The rest of DNF's multiplayer, supporting up to 8 players at once, seems full of familiar Dukeisms, like the ability to grow tall or shrink, wear jetpacks and take steroids while fighting other players who also look like Duke Nukem.

Duke Nukem multiplayer modes revealed [Eurogamer]


    I did the same thing to a girlfriend once. The relationship didn't last much longer.

      Sorry guys. In an all day meeting today - that's why things have been a but sluggish.

    Ripped from the 90's alright, complete with a pitiful 4v4 scale, and probably no dedicated servers

    Queue feminists in 3,2,1...

      ....want a sandwhich? :P

    I better not get people throwing red paint at me as I walk out of EB with my 'Balls of Steel' edition!

    "take steroids"

    Consider this game banned already.

      Wait, so this game has already been rated MA

      Wasn't Fallout 3 and Blitz 2 banned for this very same reason?

      Seriously, getting a game banned in this country seems more like it has to do with bad luck than any particular content.

        If I recall right, it was only a problem for Fallout 3 because the drugs had a real-world name. Call it something made up and the problem went away.

        Context... Steroids in any sport is a banned substance thats why Blitz 3 was banned and Fallout 3, Morphine was the drug that the OFLC got bitchy about.

      Once its rated here (which it is), thats it..
      There would have to be a massive outcry here for it to even be looked at, but by then we all have our copy's so it wont matter

        This is not true. It only takes a member of federal parliament to ask for a review and it happens

        1 member, 1 person.

    as funny as this sounds, i can see people getting upset over this

    Cue hysterical worldwide media bombardment about games glamorising domestic violence.

    Hell, they might be justified - I haven't played the game - but here's betting that most of the hysteria will be generated by people who haven't either.

    You can almost guarantee our censors didn't see that play out

    they may considered that sexualised violence which is an insta-ban.

    I would have thought this was beyond even Duke Nukem. Sounds more juvenile than Duke 3D, which is saying quite a lot...

    I truly hope for low sales numbers here. It would show that gamers, as a whole, are not supportive of the attempt to perpetuate the stereotype gamers as misogynists.

      Really? Slapping a panicking woman is a gamer stereotype?

      Honestly, I'm just loving that they aren't taking anything serious about this except being serious about not taking it seriously. There's too many 'srs' shooters and the like out there and the only ones that aren't serious are ones like Bulletstorm where they aren't serious in the 'extreme violence' way.

        If it were to be considered entirely on it's own, then it wouldn't really be an issue. Unfortunately there seems to be an emerging trend of gamers as not just socially awkward, but supportive of the continued objectification of women in games. It's become an all too common theme in games as a whole.

        This is the most mainstream game to take it so far though. It's reasonable to consider that if this game is a success, we'll see more of the same in other games. And that then becomes ingrained in our culture. As a long time gamer, that's something I truly do not wish to see.

        To qualify, yes I get the joke. Unfortunately not everyone else does. And gamers are at a point where we are creating political parties to further the cause of gaming. This does not do us any favours.

      You and I both know this game is going to sell ALOT (its Duke Nukem Forever dude..), and i hope it does well.. the world of pussyified hero's needs a kick in the ass.

      I think if it got low sales because of this all it'd show is that gamers can't take a joke.

      I like the game and want to play it and in no way consider myself a mysoginist. The game is pretty demeaning to women but that doesn't mean the players necessarily are misogynistic, I mean there are countless other types of media that are much more demeaning.

      I know as gamers we have a bad reputation, and this does nothing to help it, but I'm not going to start changing what I play just because some people don't approve.

        "I'm not a mysogynist, I just hate people that defend women"


          When did I say I hated people who defend women?

          Jeremy Hore wasn't defending women, he was passing judgement and generalising by saying that all people who play this game must be misogynistic. Those kind of generalisations are prejudices like racism and sexism. Which is actually kind of ironic.

            Thank you for simplifying my comment into a sound grab that doesnt actually reflect what I was saying at all.

            I was saying that this particular part of this game has the capability of perpetuating a growing stereotype of gamers as misogynists. I know that most gamers arent, but unfortunately there is a growing perception that we are, and this 'feature' certainly doesnt help matters.

      Do you even know what Misogyny means? Misogyny is a hatred towards women, Everything Duke isnt and if you know the plot to DNF and Duke 3D is to save earths women, why would he do it if he hated women?

      Either get a sense of humor or go back to call of duty with all other gamers who take themselves to seriously.

        I have a sense of humour. However I dont think that a game should reward a player for physically correcting a woman for behaving in a manner that they dont agree with. Similar to how you would treat a dog who is misbehaving.

        I understand that Duke is supposed to be tongue in cheek. But I believe this is taking things a bit too far. Having discussed this with a number of women in the industry, as well as those outside it, not one has been anything less than appalled.

    Hang on taking steroids, slapping women... this got past the Classification board? :P Fearing the inevitable review post release.

    I am getting ready for a media bombardment lol

    whaaaaa? only 8 players? I love duke and wanna play dnf but that's pathetic

    If Connery could do it... why couldn't the rest of mankind?

    Not buying, Gearbox did not deliver simple features like -not having only 2 weapons at a time-.

    Get copy from a friend, finish single player campaign.

    I just realised, didn't Postal 2 have a ctf style "capture the babe" multiplayer mode?...

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