EA Sports Throws In The Towel On NBA Jam

EA Sports Throws In The Towel On NBA Jam

EA Sports has made it official – there will be no roster update, nor any type of post release support, for NBA Jam. Carmelo Anthony on the Knicks? Deron Williams on the Nets? You’re on your own.

It’s not that surprising, and certainly an arcade title doesn’t depend on accurate rosters to the degree that its simulation cousins do. It’s also very likely that EA Sports’ last minute scramble to get the Xbox 360 and PS3 version out to a retail release, after NBA Elite 11’s abrupt cancellation, sapped money away from post release support.


Our priority for JAM on the Xbox 360 and PS3 was to deliver HD graphics and online play to round out the great gameplay that defines the franchise. For us to also include roster and title update possibilities, we would have sacrificed quality in those key areas and thus made the difficult decision not to include them.

The Wii version, retail from the get-go, wasn’t going to get post-release support (but then, Wii titles never do.) But even Madden NFL Arcade got a roster update. While it’s true that every version of NBA Jam on the old consoles has a fixed roster, that’s beside the point. We were told the game was being brought into the modern console age, and this, like high definition graphics and online play, is one expectation of that.

EA Sports Bails on NBA Jam Support [Pasta Padre]


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