Epic Says This Is What Next Gen Should Look Like

Epic Says This Is What Next Gen Should Look Like

Epic Games isn’t just showing off the latest improvements to the Unreal Engine 3 at GDC 2011. They’re showing us what the next generation of games should look like. Do the images hold up to the hype?

Considering the percentage of games released every year powered by the Unreal Engine 3, Epic might have a point. Upgraded features to UE3 don’t just mean Epic will have prettier games. It means a major chunk of developers will suddenly gain access to these enhanced tools, rendering cigarettes so real I want to light up and robot monstrosities you can almost reach out and touch, which would likely be a bad idea.

These images are from a trailer being shown off at GDC this week, which should be dropping on the general public next week with the weight of a killer mech.





    • It’s good to see games/engines being made to PC’s abilities, not limited to console’s abilities.

      • It’s not good to see them being made to Windows users’ concentration spans in regards to story and gameplay types (FPS or RTS).

  • It’s funny how every one of these effects (excpet reflections, but I may be mistaken) are already implemented in Cryengine 2.

    Methinks Epic are lagging behind a tad…

    • True, but where I hope it stands out is functionality. Cryengine 2 was ahead of it’s time, but it killed PC’s, which really held it back imo.

  • @TadMod, sure CryEngine # looks awesome, and probably has already implemented a lot of these features, but the CryTek engine is an absolute hardware killer to run.
    Unreal engine is hugely popular with devs because it has a good balance between looking good, and being able to run on almost any hardware.

    In the end, I think that Epic’s game engines are just better written than most. not the best looking (unless the above screens are accurate), but if Epic have stayed with the methods of how they built the Unreal 3 engine, it’ll look and run far better than CryEngine running on a lower spec PC. which is a win for all.

  • L.A. Noir is the future.
    Its not all about making it super detailed, its about looking real.
    Sure, the models in L.A. Noir are simple in comparison to whats above but facial effects make it so realistic.

    You can detail the hell out of models, but most will still have the blank expressionless face and the zombie look in their eyes.

  • Please give us proper lighting, anything can look pretty when it’s completely black/brown.

    I won’t deny that it’s a nice looking noir atmosphere, but I can hardly call it amazing tech when I can barely see anything.

  • I’m excited by the bokeh depth of field, it looks so much better than the standard DOF implementations, and is a great tool for leading the eye to the point of interest, as well as giving a cinematic feel the the whole gaming experience.

    • Wow, so I’m not the only one that was immediately reminded of blade runner by these screens.

      And hell yes, a remake would be awesome. Blade Runner was one of the most impressive and memorable games of my childhood.

      Also, those graphical effects/techniques already exist in games, but they aren’t what makes these screenshots look good. High polygon models and smooth pre-defined animations will always look good, but they just aren’t practical for real-time 3D games.

  • are we forgetting the new tech5 engine though people? there hasnt been much hype about that bit from what i’ve seen the unreal engine will be blown out of the water.

    • It’s been purposely kept under wraps until RAGE comes out. I’m looking forward to it because of it’s Massive Texture streaming capabilities

  • The UNREAL 3 engine is the best engine out there IMO. Sure, you have things like CRYENGINE that caters for a more comprehensive world with more complex physics…that the world has a little more depth to it (for example the water you can jump into and swim in, instead of it looking ‘pretty’ on the surface). But the UNREAL 3 engine still looks better to me. It also runs a whole lot better than CRYENGINE. The ONLY thing I hate about UNREAL 3 engine is the (sometimes) poor texture streaming.

    • I have a question about this are any of the other main engines (CryEngine3, Anvil, RAGE, Frostbite, Avalanche etc) actually used by any companies other than their in-house devs?

      It seems to me the only engine in widespread commercial use is Unreal 3, counting off the top of my head I can think of at least 10 games that I own that use Unreal and countless more that I’ve played.

      • To tell you the truth, Jason, I’m not really sure about the other engines being used by other developers (I think it’s mostly a case of the companies who design them are the ones who primarily use it). You’re right in saying that the UT3 engine is probably the most widespread engine out there, and that’s probably because it runs so well with relatively little taxation on current generation consoles.

      • Cryengine 3 (apparently so), but all the other engines you mentioned are inhouse. I have to admit I wish Lucasarts would licence out their Ronin engine (The Force Unleashed 1 and 2), that way other companies could develop on it, make fantastic games with the technology they spent SOOO MUCH money trying to develop.

    • I really hope they have fixed their texture streaming issues, it’s great being able to play the game, but it really lets it down when everything looks like a blob of colours

    • Agreed. Instead of upping the effects, wish they would just fix the crappy frame rate of the PS3 version of the unreal engine.

  • I’m probably one of the small percentage of people that cannot stand the sight of unreal engine.. It’s for lazy devs who care more about highest profit in minimal time, than real passion for video games (plus it’s so dated in my eyes it’s not funny) but I can in no way deny how f***ing amazing this looks..if its real that is.. I mean it is just a tech demo after all, I wonder if they can actually implement this in-game any time soon..

    • Do you also complain about games taking along time to be released. The Unreal Engine is not for lazy game developers, its for developers who want a great engine, which allows them to jump right in and work on their passion; making video games.

      building an engine from scratch is not always feasible, especially when their is a more than capable game engine to run your game.

  • Wow. Tech-demo or not, this stuff is amazing. The trouble is, to get graphics of this quality, the development turnaround time would be higher. But it’s so beautiful…

  • yes of course! any game made with the unreal engine will only be able to use the same environment and colours as the tech demo.

    Go back to playing you Wii. >.<

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