Even "Real" Mobile Games Costing Scant Millions To Develop

Firemint, developers of Flight Control and Real Racing 2, say in this interview the full-blown 3D racer for iOS/Android was "...developed over 18 months on a budget of US$2 million." Now the real question: How much did they make? [PocketfulOfMB.com]


    $2 million? What a crock of shit. Flight Control is essentially a ported flash browser game. And I'm sure that NONE of those which are floating around on Newgrounds took any more than a bit of programming skill and elbow grease.

    How did it cost $2 million just to put a version on IOS? Were they having limos every time they went to the loo and just wrote it off as expenses?

      Read things properly before commenting. Real Racing 2 cost $2million to develop not flight control

      Steve, did you actually read the story? It's not Flight Control that had a $2m budget, it was Real Racing 2. Although the way in which the author wrote it kind of sucked...

      "the full-blown 3D racer for iOS/Android was “…developed over 18 months on a budget of US$2 million.”"

      Clearly they're not talking about Flight Control

      They're talking about real racing.
      Flight control was done by a small team over six months for about $50k.

      Flight Control may have been very cheap, I don't know, but that's not the game they're talking about. They're saying that their racing game cost that much.

    The $2 million budget refers to Real Racing... you may need to reread that bit...

    He's talking about Real Racing 2 costing 2mill to make.. unless Flight Control turned into a "full-blown 3D racer" when I wasn't looking.

    I would love to know if they made their money back on that.. mobile is too much like the Lotto for most professional devs.

    Steve0410 did you actually read the article? They never said that Flight Control cost $2M, they said Real Racing did, and that is a more fully fledged game and would take more to program.

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