Exploit Results In "Theft" Of $1.2 Million In Xbox Live Codes

Yesterday, a forum user on website The Tech Game posted a way for people to scam free points for use on Xbox Live. By the time Microsoft found out and shut it down, over $US1 million in codes had been "stolen".

User "Dark" is the author of the post explaining the exploit, which was able to generate authentic download codes for Microsoft Points on Xbox Live, essentially letting people get money for nothing.

A report on Save & Quit says that though it only took Microsoft a few hours to discover this exploit and put a stop to it, by the time this took place around $US1.2 million in Microsoft Points had been hoisted by those fast enough to get in on the scam.

We've contacted Microsoft for confirmation of this, and will update if we hear back.

Free Microsoft Point Codes [The Tech Game, via Save & Quit]


    I don't really like the MS Points system (I guess it's easy enough) but this is pretty disappointing...

    ...not that I'd say no if someone offered me free points. <_<

    I wonder if people using scammed points will get busted for it. I sense a wave of console bans.

      The article says the codes were authentic, so I assume there would be no way for Microsoft to tell if someone used a generated code or actually bought some points cards.

      I'm guessing they probably won't be able to know who used exploited codes and who didn't:

      "the exploit ... was able to generate authentic download codes"

      So if it works the way my puny brain imagines it then they can't ban anyone because they might ban people who were using real codes.

      I also wonder if the codes used by the scammers are codes currently being sold at retail outlets thus making those codes void.

      They will wait until the next big game release then ban just before release (aka MW2)

    Serves them right for having such a horrible system that always leaves you with points left over.

    Why can't I just buy games with MONEY instead of converting them into revenue raising points?

    Ironically, this wouldn't have even happened if they simply used real money instead of points.

    Me and my friend did this, you only got 160 Microsoft points for each code and you had to manually type it in. We also got banshee avatar codes and about 1000 48 hour trails each. We also found out you can not go passed 10000 Microsoft points.

    "Yesterday, a forum user on website The Tech Game posted a way for people to scam free points for use on Xbox Live"

    The post was on Sunday. Today is Thursday... Wait, does this mean Mondays and Tuesdays no longer exist?? Awesome!

    LOL ,Microsoft can track the codes back to you.

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