Fan Favorite Gracious On Uncharted Movie Snub

In the Uncharted movie, Mark Wahlberg will be hero Nathan Drake. Fans, however, had a different actor in mind and even made awkward pleas for their choice.

That choice was television star Nathan Fillion. The actor tells The Nerdish podcast that he "would have loved" to be Drake.

"Mark Wahlberg, I think that's a talented guy," said Fillion, echoing sentiments he made on Twitter back in January. "I think he does great work, that guy and he a huge international star, which I am not. I am not. I will be."

"So sure I would have loved it, but I can't fault anybody for any of the choices they make," he continued. "You're gonna make a movie, make it the way you're gonna make it and have a great time."

Some fans are having difficulty getting their heads around the way that Uncharted movie director David O. Russell is planning on making Uncharted — mostly because it does not sound like Uncharted.

"As far as I'm concerned, I'm very respectful as far as the core content and spirit of the game, but beyond that it's my job as a filmmaker to make what I think is going to be an amazing movie," Russell told Slashfilm. "People have to trust that and let that go, I think." They'll also have to let go the idea of Fillion as Nathan Drake.

Nerdist Podcast #65: NATHAN FILLION [The Nerdist via GamesRadar]


    Honestly, Fillion would have been perfect, but only in a true Uncharted.

    I would rather not see him in this half-arsed mashup.

      I thought the same thing after reading: "but beyond that it’s my job as a filmmaker to make what I think is going to be an amazing movie...”

      To me, thats another way of saying,"to hell with the game, I'm making something I like."

        It does make you wonder why that they go to the trouble of securing the license when they don't follow the material.

        It's almost as if the name "Uncharted" will get bums on seats in the cinema.

    Can someone explain why they do this? They take a popular video game title name, get a director that knows nothing about video games or why the fans love the video game then proceed to make a movie which is not only B Grade at best but also doesn’t resemble the game in any way other than character names and the title. Fans come to love the game because of the characters so why let someone who doesn’t understand the characters re-write and cast them to fit in with the tired approach to move making. Don’t even bother seeing this movie, I know I wont be after so many times directors have had nothing but gold material to work with and turned it into a complete flop.

      Oh me, me!

      Ahem, okay this is how it works, studios pay a bunch of money for the rights to a license, toy, video game, comic book, what have you.

      They sit on it for christ knows how long, then when the time is almost up they let it go or very quickly chuck a movie together, often using a script or treatment, all ready written for another movie that was vaguely similar. Ever seen a movie that 'was based on a novel' but had almost zero to do with the source material? ie. Starship Troopers, I am Legend. It's because those films were written to be different films, then coopted into the license.

      Why? Because studios want to make movies that will make money and they own all the licenses. They don't want good movies, only profitable movies.

      Very occasionally you get a director who is extremely passionate about the source material and really fights to get the film he or she wants made done right, people like Peter Jackson. But more often you get puppet studio directors like Paul Anderson or Les Wiseman.

      To make money. The built-in audience of a videogame (even a very popular one) is miniscule, they can't be relied upon to guarantee profitability. Hence the producers look for 'bankable' directors, writers and stars, and they actively target the lowest common denominator, the "<25 male quadrant." Which is sadly, the least discerning demographic, hence these movies are usually dumb, have CGI and a hot babe.

      The overwhelming majority of people who'll watch an Uncharted movie are not Uncharted fans, just as 99% of the people who watched the Michael Bay Transformers, never watched G1. Catering to fans is VERY low on the priorities list. In fact, actively trying to appease fans has often proven detrimental (Snakes On A Plane, Scott Pilgrim, etc) because they're nerds. You won't please them either way. And since they're usually tech-savvy, they usually have no qualms about simply torrenting.

      TLDR: Geek fans are the worst demographic to target from a marketer's point of view. They bitch a lot, never back it up with ticket sales, so are simply ignored.

    I honestly would be much happier if they would just do a CGI movie using the in-game character models.

    Fillion WOULD be a little perfect as the Drake from the game, but who knows if the new script suits him? Wahlberg has a way stronger range of acting.

    Generally I'm glad they are moving away from the game's storyline, as it really was the weakest part of those games. So long as they keep in the key characters (for the most part), some ridiculous stunts and the general sense of adventure I'm happy.
    Also happy it isn't being made by Uwe Boll...

    I already reported to this website a week ago, Nathan Fillion has accepted chief cook for the camera crew.

    Would it be bad of me to suggest that if you are going to go and make a video game movie, that all the main actors, the producers and director all play the game in the first place? It would help maintain some kind of closeness between the movie and the game.

      That's like asking Congress to read a bill before they vote on it. Or, better yet, game developers actually play their game before they release it!

    If Russell really cared about the Uncharted franchise it would be a collaboration with Naughty Dog. Out of respect for the fans and Naughty Dog, who developed Uncharted, he should have had the writers and creators, who came up with the story, write the screenplay. I would have loved to see Naughty Dog make a, full length, CGI movie using Nolan North, Emily Rose, and the many other awesome voice actors that have done such a great job at giving us Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher. For all of you that are truly passionate about preventing a disgrace from happening I suggest emailing Sony Picture Entertainment who are over the Motion Picture and the only ones that may be able to stop Russell. Michael Lynton is the head guy. His two possible email addresses are ([email protected]) or ([email protected]). Amy Pascal is the next one under him and her possible emails are ([email protected]), ([email protected])or ([email protected]). These are the ones I found. I sent an email a couple of weeks ago or so. Call, complain, have some fun. Who knows what will happen.

    David O. Russell is a brilliant film maker. He understands that family is the key motivator for most of us, why wouldn't this ring true for Drake? All these cries for a 2 hour CG cutscene form Naughty Dog? Are you retarded? Thats what the GAME is for!

    While Fillion has the nerd cred - and could play the smart mouthed wanker Drake with aplomb, I for one am excited to see a game movie finally helmed by someone with talent. A movie with real characters who make me care for their welfare because I know their motivation. In a game the motivation comes through the controller. A movie is not a game. A movie is not a comic book. The movie adaptions that fare best are the ones that remain true to the source material but aren't afraid to deviate from it.

    To all of you who have already written this off - aren't you all being premature? We actually have a chance here for a VG movie with a sensible story and real characters! Thats not like the game! I want endless shootouts and scripted bridge collapse tied together with cutscenes! Dont panic that shit'll be in there, but so might something substantial!

    I for one have high hopes!

    Its the Nerdist Podcast, not Nerdish.

    Part of what makes Uncharted the game so great is Nathans historical association with Sir Francis Drake. In fact both games have a back-story with some grounding in historical fact, Sir Francis Drake in the first game and Marco Polo in Among Thieves. These crucial details really moved the plot forward, especially in Drakes Fortune. So far, I don't see Russell going that direction considering he thinks Nathan Drake is just a modern Indiana Jones, and he's quoted as saying nobody plays a video game for the story. That's as stupid as saying people don't watch a movie for CGI action sequences. Russell also appears to have written the story prior to ever playing (more like reading about) Uncharted. So, we have a pre-written script, add some stock celebs like Wahlberg, Deniro and Pesci, throw in some token hotties like Johansen, then all you need is a character license that's popular among the same demographic that you want to sell the movie to. Hence, Uncharted. I'm not going to say the movie will bomb, but Russell is definitely making the video game community shudder with his ignorant comments that clearly show he's out of touch with gamers.

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