Fans Request The Darndest Call Of Dutys

A real Call of Duty fan letter as shared online by Robert Bowling, creative strategist at Call of Duty Modern Warfare studio Infinity Ward.


    Make it original... you know, just like MW2 and WaW
    Also Make it harder... but also easier

      I am making fun of the poor guy and I just realised I mis read his first line saying don't make it like MW2.
      Egg + My Face = Me right now

      Maybe i should have coffee before posting.

        I feel your pain. I too have the problem of miss reading and replying too quickly. Shame on us.

    hahaha this made me laugh so much, Is it bad that I kinda want this to happen now? haha

    We're laughing now, just wait until they made the kid head of writing. I mean his ideas aren't much worse than what they've used.

      That would be like making the Star Wars Kid a sword fighting choreographer.

      The job's probably still vacant.

      Is it wrong that when I think of Infinity Ward now, I picture a big empty warehouse with one desk and Robert Bowling thumbing through a copy of 'Writing Games Code For Dummies'?

    Poor guy, that's pretty much useless, writing to Infinity Ward about Black Ops, considering Treyarch developed it and not them.

    I think the bottle of cough syrup he drank while writing this must have hit his brain on the full sometime in the second paragraph because a Call of Duty where you time travel and kill George Washington sounds awesome.

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