FarmVille Grows Into The English Countryside

FarmVille Grows Into The English Countryside

How do you expand a farming game played by more than 44 million people a month? You give them another farm. FarmVille English Countryside expansion gives FarmVille players a whole new row to hoe.

FarmVille players level 20 and above that log into the game today will be greeted by a crash-landing zeppelin, heralding the beginning of the game’s British invasion. After helping a stranded English Duke repair his airship (apparently he needs a lot of cotton), he invites players back to his homeland, where the village farms are in a state of disarray. If only there was someone with the farming skill to bring them back to life. Hmmm.

The English Countryside expansion isn’t merely a case of same harvest, different place. Players will discover entirely new crops that grow faster than ever; decorative British buildings, from an English cottage to a police call box; and the ability to breed with baby lambs.

Or just breed baby lambs. I’m a little unclear.

“We’ve been blown away by the success of FarmVille and we wanted to find a way to give back to the game’s enthusiastic fans,” said Todd Arnold, FarmVille’s General Manager. “We’re constantly listening to the community’s feedback and we’re excited to add a new chapter to one of the most popular games of all time, while also giving a nod to its international success by setting it in the English countryside.”

What are you waiting for? There are crops to grow, and social gamers to berate for growing them!


  • this would be great if you could actually send out invitations to your friends. i have been trying to do this for 2 days now and in true farmville style it will not work. i wish the makers of farmville would improve the things that are wrong with farmville instead of trying to give the game more interesting missions. makes it hard to play if you cannot do what you are supposed to do and not very fun!!!!

  • I love the new expansion so far. I am a little confused about how it works so far. I planted and my crops are not growing. I switched back to home farm to plant as well because of course it is larger. How long do you have to keep the English Expansion open to get crops to grow? Anyone get any new animals yet? I am really excited to see new sheep.

  • I have the same problem as Kelly I simply cannot invite friends, each time aI click on the english farm link it says to invite friennds and when I click on the tab it sends me to an invite friends page with no names on it.

  • I agree with Kelly, Farmville has too many problems. Today having started the English farm, people cannot access my regular farm to fertilize, etc. How can we access people’s old farms once playing English FV? When do the crops finally mature in English farm?

  • It’d be great if they didn’t have the stupid pause. Here’s the thing; if you go to the EC farm, your regular farm is put on pause. Crops don’t grow, animals don’t progress, neither do whatever you’re marking in your bakery/spa/winery, trees don’t grow either. Same goes for the EC farm if you go back to the FV farm.

    Four days ago Zynga put up a feedback thread on their official forum website asking us what we thought. At last count it was nearing 6,000 posts against it. But not word one from Zynga on making the pause optional.

    If you are on your EC farm, friends cannot do anything on your FV farm and vice versa.

    Zynga doesn’t care either, because they want you to buy Instant Grow (for FC) and I suspect fuel too, since the Farmer’s Market has slowed dramatically. But Zynga is a giant ass monkey, so many people are refusing to play EC, many aren’t playing FV at all and many aren’t playing any Zynga games until they make the pause optional for everyone.

  • I also am unable to gain access to the English Countryside farm and dont know where it has gone has it is not on my farmville screen. I would love to play this farm and all i have is the lighthouse cove.

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