Final Fantasy Gets Its Own Holy Shit Moment

While AR Games might be the 3DS's holy shit moment, there are plenty of holy shit moments to go around. Final Fantasy has its own on the iPhone.

New app Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy AR allows folks to downloaded AR models of Final Fantasy XIII's Lightning, Final Fantasy VII's Cloud, Warrior of Light from the first Final Fantasy and Tina Branford from Final Fantasy VI.

Besides the "AR Viewer" that allows the characters to be viewed off the AR printouts in real space, there is also a "Model Viewer". In this mode, you can freeze the models, which then can be rotated and viewed at any angle. It's also possible to snap photos.

Available starting today, the app is ¥600. The AR printouts are available through the app's official site.

AR, or "augmented reality", isn't new by any stretch, but recently has become more widespread thanks to the Nintendo 3DS as well as thanks to apps like this.


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