Final Fantasy III Is Best, Most Expensive Final Fantasy On iPhone

Square Enix has finally made the third game in the Final Fantasy series available on the iPhone, and it's pretty damn good. Is it $19 worth of good?

Final Fantasy III was released in 1990 in Japan for the Famicom, not to be confused with North America's Final Fantasy III, which was actually Final Fantasy VI in Japan. Final Fantasy III introduced many new features to the franchise, including the job system, allowing characters to swap out their professions rather than be locked into one for the entirety of the game.

This isn't a re-release of the original Final Fantasy III, however. This is a port of the 3D remake of the game that appeared on the Nintendo DS. Matrix Software, also responsible for the DS remake of Final Fantasy IV and more recently Final Fantasy: The Four Heroes of Light, lovingly brought the NES title up to date, with touch screen navigation, colorful characters, and a dynamic camera that added a sense of action to the game's random battles.

The port to the iPhone is simply gorgeous. Free of the lower resolution screen of the Nintendo DS, the game's graphics sing, coming to life with more personality than ever before. Since the original game afforded players touch screen controls, the transition to the buttonless iPhone is relatively painless.

This could be the best way to play Final Fantasy III, but there is a catch.

At $US15.99 ($A18.99), this is most expensive Final Fantasy game on the iPhone. It's still cheaper than the $US19.99 Amazon asking price for a new copy of Final Fantasy III for the DS, though it's $US6 more than the $US9.99 GameStop is charging for a used copy.

Is the iPhone version $US6 better than the Nintendo DS version? Without a doubt, yes. I've been absolutely hooked on the game since I started playing it on the iPhone. The graphics are gorgeous, the touch screen is responsive, and the story - well the story is Final Fantasy III.

My only regret is not playing it from the beginning on the iPad. Even stretched it looks amazing.

If you're a Final Fantasy fan that's yet to experience the third chapter, this would be the way to do it. It's pricey, but incredibly satisfying.

Final Fantasy III [iTunes App Store]


    So it's better than the DS version... what I'm wondering is, how is the Australian version $3 better then the US when exchange rates say it should only be $0.40 more expensive?

    And I know, exchange rates can flux, but all I'm sayin' is that Apple should allow us to buy US products at US prices if we're willing to use US dollars. Like Steam does. Rather than locking us in to Australian dollars and then f**king us on the exchange rate.

      As I understand it you can buy from whichever iTunes Store you like, you just have to have a separate account for each one.

    What new features does it add from the DS version? Would you think it'd be worth getting just for the iPhone? As iPhones still have pretty small screens.

    I'm more interested as to why this game, one of the most loved in the series is on DS and iJunk, but not PSP or PSN in general?

    I'm hoping this article indicates it will be soon. FFI and FFII recently came up on PSN.

    [fingers and any other available appendage crossed)

    $19? Sh*t. For $16 I can get a choice of about 3(?) of the Final Fantasy games on the PSN store, which I can play on my PS3 or PSP, *with physical controls* could GO OUTSIDE AND GET A LIFE

    Ive been playing this the last couple of days and it seems to be pretty cool

    This looks amazing. The iPhone games impress me more every day, from Angry Birds to FIFA '12,

    I've been playing Final Fantasy II on my iPhone and a great as it is, this looks - graphically - even better. Worth $20? Heck yes. I remember Secret of Mana and FF IV on the SNES, or any of the Genesis Phantasy Star games running up to $60...and that was in 1991 dollars!

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