UPDATE: Forever Delayed

You may have heard the (hilarious) news that Duke Nukem Forever has been delayed, albeit for one single month, but our designer Ben White rattled up a photoshop image that sums up the situation perfectly. It got me thinking - can anyone here beat this? Today we're having an impromptu photoshop competition around the theme of Duke Nukem Forever's delay. The best 'shop receives a copy of Ghost Trick on the Nintendo DS.

I'll judge the winner by the end of the day - just post the jpg in the comments below. Every time I get a new image I'll add it directly onto this post. EDIT: The winner is Jamesmacusedmyhandle for his "What do you mean you're one month late" effort. Congratulations, and thanks to everyone who posted!

Entries So Far...






Alexander Warton


Nathan Runge


William Hamilton



Cameron Campbell


Jesse Nicholson


    Jesus man, how did he miss the amazingly easy pun of 'Forever Postpone'?

      Tbh, I was more interested in getting the text to look rubbish :)

      lol thats not even a pun though.

      clever play on words, yet, pun no.

    They say it's so they can continue to polish the game... Who wants to bet that the updated version doesn't make it through the classification board?

    Sometimes, I find it easiest to think of Duke Nukem as a petulant child who has locked himself in his room.

    "You can't make me come out!"

    Sure the developers tried to force him out, but they failed and abandoned him so another bunch adopted him, thinking that a new approach might just change his ways.

    Lo and behold, although he initially seemed to be playing nicely, first chance he got the door was locked and the distinctive stylings of Depeche Mode could be hear drowning out the attempts of the developers to coax Duke out.

    Haha, funny idea. And I DO want Ghost Trick... but I'm not funny enough to think of something :'(

    Maybe it's just because it's still morning...

  • Gosh Darnit. I already have Ghost Trick. Now all I need is a DS, lol.

    OT: I think this is just a routine delay as the marketing or CD-printing didn't go as planned. I doubt this will affect the quality of the game, which, I believe, has already been confirmed as "gold" (as in completed, not as in "good").


    Not really a photoshop, but it sums my feelings about the seriousness of the long term development this game has endured.



      Ooooh. Tweak the text! Tweak the text!

      "King of Delay-dies"

      the ladies... get it? c'mon!!


          Boom! Love it! :-)

          That one's pretty awesome, and done quick too.

    My original idea:

    What ended up looking funnier when I pasted the face onto the original picture: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v203/soulblade64/DNF.jpg

    Duke Nukem Forever delayed again:

    I decided to stick with the meme theme (hey, that rhymes!).


    (That's meant to be Randy Pitchford, if it wasn't obvious)

    Fear my MS Paint skills!



    This may have had something to do with how.... surprisingly good bulletstorm was.

    Wasn't exceptional by any means but it was a solid duke style game, people would expect the real thing should be orders of magnitude better.

    That said, there's not a whole lot that can be done in a month, I guess it's more likely they're ironing out bugs than anything else.

    So yes, if you read this I apologise, that went nowhere.

    I have a couple of awesome ideas, but it will take some very NSFW web searches to find what I want (even though the final product would be totally clean, I swear).

    Please tell me that "end of the day" means midnight and not 5pm :(

    Not an image, but a poem I would like to share.

    "- To the dearest Duke.

    I write to you with a heavy sadness in my heart.
    Why must another delay keep us apart?
    While it is only for a month, that's true,
    It is more time I can not be with you.
    I just want to feel your warm embrace,
    As we fight against this menace from space.
    When we do get together, lord only knows,
    We'll be chewing gum and smacking hoes.

    ~Signed, your Forever love."


      NO! I just realised all my images are PNGs!!!
      All is lost! Woe is me!
      Let me go and turn them into jpegs...won't be a second(cause it will be five minutes :P )

        Do they really have to be *.jpg???

    Warning: Mild(ish) Course Language




    I did this a while ago, so it's just for fun:


    That's Randy-Baggins with the gold DNF disc around his neck. He's unable to release the game as the power of the One King consumes him. Unfortunately it's too late to save Broussard, who has already fallen and still sits in his cave whimpering about his "precious".

    Just a quick one =]


      JPEG Version:

        One more try lol.

        JPEG Version:

    Thailand's leading gaming magazine Future Gamer celebrates the release of DNF alongside such classics as Modern Warfare 22, Left 4 Dead 24 and FM2100:


    Okay, here are the jpegs

      nipping out for lunch and will chuck them up - thanks dude! This makes it so much easier.

        Perhaps that's what's happening to Duke Nukem Forever too? http://i1206.photobucket.com/albums/bb449/lamboman007/Duke%20Nukem/lunch.jpg

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