From Dust Still Looks Out Of This World

This is another gorgeous look at From Dust, the next game from Out Of This World (aka Another World) creator Eric Chahi. Bound for Xbox Live Arcade, PC and PlayStation Network sometime this year, From Dust lets you play god, protecting the inhabitants of an island from natural disaster.

Chahi once compared the open-world From Dust to playing as a child building a sandcastle on a beach, fighting against the ever-approaching tide. Based on what we've seen of From Dust (most recently at Gamescom 2010) and Chachi's previous work, we're definitely looking forward to getting our hands dirty, god-style, later this year.


    I'm Really looking forward to From Dust. It's such a beautiful looking game.

      it does look pretty cool, i would get it too, if i had a better computer haha.

      Beautiful graphically, or conceptually?

    Wow, this game looks incredible, not just graphically but concept wise. I am very interested to see what this is like.

    it is beautiful looking, hopefully some substance to it.

    I clicked on the link thinking it was something to do with Majora's Mask.

    Looks good though, the concept sounds like that episode from Futurama when Bender is floating through space :)

    Maybe I have issues but I really like god sims. I spent from 1992 to 1998 playing populous on my Sega master system, hopefully this has the same feeling.

    I'm very interested to see how this game plays, it reminds me a lot of the Black & White series only focusing more on the 'god' aspect.

    No offense to the dev team, but shouldn't they work on finish the actual game before making pretty graphics? It would make a lot more sense to make it work before showing it off with a lot of eye candy.

    From Dust was a brilliant game, however it would have been 100% better if all the levels werent required to be done asap. I had all levels completed in 1 day as result :(

    If some of the levels were able to be played long term this would have been a perfect game as in its older version Populous, graphics and gameplay and are superb though.

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