Gabe Newell Vs The Israeli Taskmaster

The man on the left in this video is Intel's Shmuel "Mooly" Eden, a company vice president and Israeli beret-wearing champion. On the right? Valve boss Gabe Newell, who it seems doesn't cope well with unexpected questions.

If you've ever wondered why video games PR is so entrenched in the machinations of this business, this is why. Eden asks a fairly innocent question: when can we see Counter-Strike 2? And Newell, well....

Now, I don't point this out to make fun of the guy. Most people don't react well when put on the spot like that. I say it because it's a perfect an example of why people have a very special kind of love for Valve. No boss of the Xbox division, or Sony Computer Entertainment, would be so charmingly awkward on stage. But Gabe? With is bumbling, and arm-waving, and trademark red polo? He comes across as a Regular Joe.

Until, you know, you remember he's a billionaire.

"When Will You Release Counter-Strike 2?" [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


    Who the fuck cares about Counterstrike 2?..

    I thought the serious Counterstrike players still were playing 1.6 anyways.

    HL3/Ep3 is what people want to know about.. granted Gabe would have brushed him off either way..

      I do. How many times does an average HL player replay HL? maybe twice? How many hours does an average CS player play CS? in the hundreds.

      Im not saying these groups are mutually exclusive either. They owe their multiplayer fans for what helped launch them in their earlier years.

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