Game Gear And Turbografx Coming To Nintendo's 3DS E-Store

The digital store for Nintendo's upcoming 3DS will include not only Game Boy and Game Boy colour games, but also Sega Game Gear ad Turbografx titles.

The eShop will also feature 3D classics, updates of older Nintendo games with 3D effects. It will hit the 3DS as part of a larger system update for the 3DS which will include DSiWare, DSiWare software transfer and a web browser.


    The day i discovered you could you use the power cable from the master system in your game gear was one of the greatest days in my life growing up. The small fortune it took to keep the thing running I could now spend on buying games.

    And then the converter came out...

    Never had a master system, though did have that convertor. The thing was a blast. Got an AC adaptor from somewhere not long after aquiring it. Glad that some games are coming out, was a few I missed that I always wanted to try like Sonic Triple Trouble

    Oh sweet! Afterburner and Pokemon Yellow for me please!

    huh, I just bought a cool little handheld at k-mart that has 30 game gear games on it. $50, made by blaze and does tv out as well. I'm good.

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