Game: Trade-ins, Break Dancing Dwarves and WTF

A couple of months back GAME released a video about their trade-in prices, and now they've released another one titled 'WTF', which features a little person moonwalking, and a pensioner with a potty mouth.

It seems to be part of GAME's move towards being known as the premier Aussie retailer when it comes to game trades. What do you guys think?


    Do it Derek!!

    That is kick ass..

    Ah, if only GAME were still relevant in my area...
    Just don't bother with trading in any new THQ or EA games.

      Feel free to trade 'em! They'll still give you plenty of credit; just be wary if you're buying them preowned.


    I love how the PC versions (of all the games at the end) were featured so prominently....

    That ad was just bloody great :d

    I went to game at werribe yesterday for the first time in yonks and was gobsmacked that they were actually more expensive than EB on most games.. damn.. Game.. you got a lot to answer for...

    There are still retail stores for games? how quaint.

      Oh god we still let people like this comment here?

    Yeah definelty, though they do have the highest trade value - well, in my area at least. I usually get about $80 back within the first month on most quality games. My favourite store is actually GameTraders, but they have the lowest trade value, allthough you can get cold hard cash there (albiet at 30% less value than store credit), lotsa retro stuff + they are australian as well.

      You really cant beat ozgameshop though, having only recently checked it out was amazed at the prices for the exact same game, you really can buy two games for the price of 1 retail game at our ridiculous aussie prices...

      Since when do they give cash?! None of the ones in WA do...

    @v4next Same goes for me. Although, trade-ins at GameTraders get less, their prices are substantially less than anyone else here, so it more than works out.
    Ozgameshop wins for current-gen though. Amazing.

    yea i always buy from ozgameshop.

    game in geelong actually has closed down from lack of sales :P

      That's sad, really. People who were (hopefully) passionate about games lost their jobs because their company didn't figure out a way to compete with online :\

      It's gotta be doable. Hell, they'd save money by buying from OzGameShop instead of their distributors, I reckon :P

        That wasn't why GAME was closing down stores. It had a lot to do with the previous owners were doing, and I heard rumors of mismanagement, so the UK guys had to go in and take over. Stores closed & jobs were lost. It's just how business goes.

        But I have my own reasons as to why I no longer shop with them.... We parted on less than friendly terms.

    Why Trade For-less!?

    Good stuff.

    GAME desperately needed something to separate themselves from the pack. Up until now, they've just been a purple version of EB.

    your still trading a relatively new game and paying money on top for what you want. if this cycle lasted forever it may just be worth it.

    It seems very try hard. With all the stores they've closed and employees who lost their jobs I find it disappointing to see such pathetic commercials. The money could've been spent making their mint prices more competitive

    Man, that ad is lame.
    "Hey look we're cool and hip yo"


    /I thought the in store "WTF" stuff was funny when I first saw it. With this backing it up, nah. Too try hard.

    Dear Game:


    Thank you.

    Want more for your games? Then stop bringing me scratched up junk covered in finger prints and god knows what else. Care for your stuff you filthy, filthy creatures.

    Funny advert but fails (as most GAME advertising does) on HOW you get it for 28 bucks until that nice little writing at the end of the ad.

    I used to work with GAME and they used to pull this shit all the time. No wonder they are a sinking ship.

    My preorder for LA Noire is now $28 and my glitchy copy of Fallout Vegas is now someone else's problem.

    Thank fuck it's not another Mexican standoff using games as guns.

    But it's damn close to being as unfunny and stupid.
    (And ripping off "Waazzzuuuup?!" with another statement.)

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