Gamer Bride Summons A Final Fantasy-Inspired Wedding Dress

Offbeat Bride tribe member Kouhotaru wanted to be a video game princess at her renaissance fair wedding, but Peach and Zelda just wouldn't do. Instead, she turned to Final Fantasy IV.

Princess peach was too pink, and Zelda's more recent outfit would require armour. What character could Kouhotaru possibly represent that would provide the perfect combination of inspiration and colour? Her soon-to-be husband's vision of her in something green and flowing turned her thoughts to the first Super Nintendo instalment of Final Fantasy.

With my fiancé's request in mind, I flashed on to another childhood favourite of mine - Rydia from Final Fantasy IV! She was spunky, had cool powers, and she still is my absolute favourite from the series. While her outfits aren't exactly wedding friendly to more traditional types, I knew it could be worked into something more wedding-y."

Cosplay fashion designer Catherine of God Save the Queen Fashions transformed Rydia's more revealing outfits into a dress fit for a princess.

Now Kouhotaru and her man are happily married, and she need not ever worry about him getting away. Now that he's married you, he'll never get Rydia again.

Thank you, I'll be here all week.

A wedding dress inspired by Rydia from Final Fantasy IV [Offbeat Bride!]


    Amy love for FFIV is to be commended. I look forward to playing (any paying....) FFIV yet again with the PSP release next month.

    It's good to see couples with similar tastes expressing their love of gaming etc in their marriage ceremony. My missus is strictly non gaming and would kill me just for looking at a console at our wedding let alone looking like a console character.

    Having said that I'd love to film everythig with a Kinect and then provide guests with an animated version of the ceremony. I think this would just be too cool.

      The wife and I at our wedding had FF's 'Victory Fanfare' as we walked froil the aisle. The reception first dance was the Bayonetta end credits version of 'Fly Me To the Moon' ;)

    • My husband is a gamer but not as into it as I so I wasn't allowed to have any gamer-type themes or paraphernalia in our wedding. Not to mention his family would have freaked.
      I still wish I'd at least snuck a game song on as I walked down the aisle.

    Oh god, Mike - "...never get Rydia again" - That's just terrible. Absolutely terrible. Hahaha...

    Saw this on the original site yesterday, but I love how this has been done. For the gamers in the crowd, it's a shoutout to a classic. For the rest, it's an unusual but gorgeous dress.

    This is what gaming-inspired weddings/clothing/etc need to be, in my opinion.

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