Gaming Giants Giving Millions For Earthquake Relief

Countless lives were destroyed late last Friday after an earthquake and tsunami ravaged the country. The clean up process is underway, and the biggest names in gaming are doing what they can.

On Sunday, Sony Corporate stated it is giving ¥300 million ($3.6 million) as well as 30,000 radios to the earthquake relief.

Today, Nintendo stated it is also contributing ¥300 million ($3.6 million). Joining Nintendo is Namco Bandai, which is donating ¥100 million ($1.2 million). Sega Sammy is giving ¥200 million ($2.4 million) and Koei Tecmo is giving ¥100 million ($1.2 million).

And smaller game companies are doing what they can. For example, 5pb is slashing the price of one of its iPhone games from ¥2200 ($27) to ¥350 ($4.20), giving all proceeds to the Red Cross.

The entire country, the entire industry, is pulling together and doing what it can to help rebuild. And rebuild, it will.

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