Geez, There's MORE Mass Effect 2 DLC Coming

If there's one thing you can't say about BioWare this week, it's that they've been slack on downloadable content for Mass Effect 2. Over a year after the game's release, and more is still to come.

A screenshot was released today for "Arrival", the latest and surely last piece before Mass Effect 3 is released later this year. While no information accompanied the release, there was Cerberus Network data last month related to the DLC that spoke about the age of the game's Mass Relays and how some may have been built by a race older than the Protheans, the oldest race in the game's universe.

Of course, "Arrival" could also mean the DLC ties into the arrival of a certain group of guys seen in the closing minutes of Mass Effect 2. You know. Those guys.


    Is this the one that is going to bridge the games? Did I hear there was going to be DLC bridging the games, or did I dream/imagine it?

      I'm pretty sure they did say something along those lines. But they also said the same thing about Mass Effect 1 DLC, so who knows...

        Its already started with Lair of the Shadow broker. That was no small result with what happened, you know it's gonna have long running consequences and link directly into ME3 what happened in the end of LOTSB...

    With Lair of the Shadow Broker being perhaps the greatest single piece of DLC out there I'm certainly excited to see wha the next installment from Bioware.

    I love the DLC packs, but I always felt they could be a bit longer. Come on bioware....make my Mass effect 2

    I am so incredibly excited for this. Only problem is that my old computer died and I lost all my save files... So to get back to exactly where I was I have to play through ME1 twice and ME2 four times, plus the new DLC all before part 3 comes out later this year.... AWESOME!!!

    We found out that the Mass Relays weren't really built by the Protheans in the first game, but I guess Luke has dismissed that claim.

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