Gerry Harvey: No One Makes Money From The Internet

Everyone has a out of touch Grandad. That poor old bugger that simply cannot move with the times. Gerry Harvey is Australia’s Granddad. The more out of touch he becomes, the more difficult it is to get angry with regards to his ancient out of touch ideas – one can only feel sorry for him. As Gerry Harvey prepares to drag his giant, lumbering company online, he has come out with another corker: “They’re kicking us on the internet at the moment but there’s no history of anyone making money on it.”


He has also claimed that his move online has been a forced one, a move that will “cannibalise” his stores.

This is not a parody. It’s not an April fools story. I am not making this up.

“By this time next year you’ll see Harvey Norman with a pretty sizeable internet presence. My heart’s beating very strongly on whether we make any money out of it.

“I haven’t got any choice. I’ve got to cannibalise our stores.”

Gerry Harvey – entrepreneur, multi-millionaire, Australia’s embarrassing Granddad.

Harvey Norman to open online store [News]

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