Get An Amazing Cockpit View Of Gorgeous Mech Shooter Hawken

The absolutely stunning Hawken looked almost too good be true when we saw its first trailer. Surely, nine guys couldn't create a first-person mech shooter that looks this sharp, could they? With Hawken's newest trailer, this one with actual gameplay, I'm starting to believe.

Adhesive Games, the independent developer of Hawken, calls this latest look an "in-progress taste of our combat, mostly from team deathmatch matches." They promise forthcoming "video of more strategic gameplay from our unique game modes, as well as additional levels, weapons, items and mech".

For now, we're pretty satisfied with what we have now: a rare first-person shooter that puts us in the seat of giant walking war machines.

Interested? Don't miss our interview with the Hawken team.


    This looks pretty cool, I love the detail on the environments and the dirty rundown look to it all.

    This is pure awesome. Just shows to me that when companies get too bloated it becomes the old cooks and broth scenario. I'm looking forward to this one.

    Man that looks so damn awesome!
    Count me in!

    Holy crap??? How come indie developers can make that look THAT AWESOME and yet big budget ones still look and play like sh.......

    Finally, someone is making a game set in a mostly grey rundown post-apocalyptic-looking industrial city. I knew it'd take a small team to come up with that kind of innovation. :P Seriously though, this does look fantastic

      well im pretty sure the unreal 3 engine cant handle primary colours :P

      This does look incredibly awesome, but i worry about the super detailed HUD and eye strain it might induce o__0

    Man I gotta just add to the chorus here. That looks stunning. Any word on how long they've actually been developing?

    Also, in addition to how it looks, the sound design is stunning. Even in a YouTube video it comes through brilliantly.

    It looks good but can you customise your mech like you can in Front Mission? Because that's my favourite part of any mech game, being able to build one that looks the way I want it to.

    I've never been one for mech games, but that was good...really good.

    Wow, I'm stunned. I need this game right now.

    First of all, this game is GORGEOUS. The art direction is excellent, and technically it holds its own too compared to a lot of triple-A titles.

    I'm amazed at how much the first person view conveys the feeling of piloting a huge hulking tank on legs.

    The attention to detail is excellent too. The cockpit sways differently from the guns, the barrels of the guns actually wobbles from inertia each time the mech takes a step, the whirring of gears and electronics as the mech aims around, the sparks flying around the cockpit as electonics malfunction, etc.

    I am sold. Hurry up and finish this game so I can give you my money!

    That's the type of game I want a full 360 degree arcade cockpit to sit in, that tumbles and rotates with the view and shakes and rumbles from the explosions. Complete with a game-authentic interior with joysticks and useable switches etc. Add in 3d vision (you'd be sitting in the one place so they could do it without glasses) and I'd be in gaming heaven.

      We can build it... we have the technology:

    This is looking more and more like the game mech fans have been waiting 20 years to play.

    I had this window minimised and it read "Get an amazing Cock..."

      haha that it does nice title mark

    well this is amazing definetlly supporting these guys


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