Getting Banned From A Game As Bad As Getting Dumped, Says Science

Researchers trying to determine if getting dumped causes measurable, physical pain-and it apparently does show up on fMRI-needed a proxy experience for romantic relationships in their tests. (It wouldn't be polite to throw people who just got dumped in fMRI machines, I guess, but I still would like to see those results.)

Instead researchers "attempted to elicit feelings of rejection in test subjects by telling them they had been excluded from a computer game". I guess that means getting kicked off a server because you aren't very good at multiplayer is in the same class of emotional pain as a breakup. Go ahead and cry after your kickban. Science says it's okay!


    So I guess Australia was left at the altar by Mortal Kombat

    Obviously they've discovered the cure for cancer.

    lulz, I do get quite a bit of hate mail for removing unwanted individuals from lobbies.

    Haha recently me and some friends that regularly play killing floor got banned for life from a bunch of servers, because we abused the kick vote feature :P

    We only did it because not many servers allow kick voting and because whenever randoms join it always ruins the game, as difficulty increases with the number of players. Still pretty funny though.

    I like how they tested this; they asked guys to go into fMRI machines, didn't tell them why, then they had their girlfriends dump them and measured results.

    I can see it.

    Being banned from a game, one you enjoy and consider a hobby, is the same as being removed from a place of social status(the society being the gamers who play, and the place being whatever you did). Being dumped is the same deal; part of your overall social status was as the partner of the dumper. The nature and type of ties you have in these situations is different, yes, but if you have the same degree of being-tied-to-ness(unlikely in randoms, but common in regularly formed groups), the removal of these ties will trigger the same depth of emotional pain in the same areas. And yes, a server does count as a society, regardless of the media you use to communicate with them.

    So ultimately, it's not that getting banned from a game is like being dumped, it's more social removal makes you cry like a duck with no water.

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