Grab The Darkspore Beta Through Steam Now

Steam makes it easy to get into the beta program for Maxis' Spore spin-off Darkspore. Just head to the Steam web site and install. Darkspore was recently delayed until the end of April.


    Been in the beta for awhile.
    Games good, but they want to charge Aussie users an extra $20 through steam.
    Hate being ripped off so not planning on buying this

      Yeah its pretty damn expensive on steam, I'm not willing.

        I've decided to complain about the price difference through contacting steam support, I doubt anything will come of it, but if enough Australians fill the steam support inboxes with irritating price queries asking them why they're so god damned racist, we can at least make them as miserable as we are. :)

          Racist! Its a strong term but dammit it fits!

    Played the beta.
    Picture Will Wright standing next to the point.
    *Will punches the point*
    *Will misses*

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